Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hollywood beauties to scorch Indian screens

penchant for wheat-coloured beauties from the North to do lead lady’s roles. Despite having best talents down south, the producers’ and directors’ obsession with north Indian girlies is well-known.

And now taking a step further, it is blondes and brunettes from across the ocean caught the fancy of our own hit-makers. It is learnt that talks are on with the Fantastic Four Hollywood star Jessica Alba, to play an important role in director Venkat Prabhu’s latest Tamil flick Goa. The movie has Jai, Vaibhav, Premji Amaren and Arvind Akash in the lead, and is said to be a road film in which a group of friends go on a trip to Goa. This is the third directorial venture of Venkat Prabhu, after Chennai 600028 and Saroja.

There are three heroines in the film and through Warner Bros the co producers of the film, Ocher Studios is trying to rope in the sexy Jessica Alba. Sources close to Venkat say that the actress has asked for a script which is send to her through her manager.

Besides a Hollywood heroine, there are two more heroines in the movie, and it is said that talks are on with Sneha and Genelia for the same. When south Indian filmmakers are going offshore to find pretty pinups, can Bollywood sit idle? Taking a cue from Venkat Prabhu, debutant director Anthony D’ Souza has reportedly signed none other than Kylie Minogue, one of the world’s most successful female music artistes and a talented actress.

According to sources, Kylie will be paid a whopping £670,000 to appear on one track in the movie. This may well be Bollywood’s most expensive film. The film casts Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif. Inspired by Hollywood underwater thrillers like The Deep and Jaws, D’ Souza says the movie is an action thriller.

Kashmira Shah - Actress To Go Nude On Dec 31st

Actress Kashmira Shah has been around for all this while but has been maintaining a low profile for some months. But news is that she is likely to explode this New Year in a never seen fashion. Kashmira has been booked to do an item number at one of Mumbai’s grand New Year show.

Kashmira is expected to do her usual nakhara with a lot of jhatak and matak. But at the end of the show a drama is likely to be enacted which would look as a faux pas. The actresses dress would come off and she would be exposed in the nude.

But this nude appearance would be only for a few seconds for once the cameras would click she would pick up her clothes and run back stage. This act though intentional would look accidental as a dress mal function.

Everything is to turn the heads of media and go popular. We have to see how far it works for her.

Sexiest Pic From Unreleased Film

The wise men always say that sex sells on silver screen but there are times when few film makers take it very literally and end up churning out movies having nothing but sex in it. Something like that happened with this Tamil film which was lying in the cans for the past five or six years.

The movie was titled 'Kadhal Arangam' and it is said that the maker had been on a duel with the censor board members as only fifteen minutes of the film was given approval to be shown on the screens. The maker was trying to make his point that the film was made on a rather sensuous mode but it fell in deaf ears.
The pretty girl who is setting the temperatures to a peak is Sherly Das and if only this film had seen the light then the Indian cinema might have got its desi Sharon Stone.

Aishwarya and Rajini’s sizzling romance in car

Southern super star Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were busy shooting for ’Endhiran’ in Vellore. The latest report is that the location will shift to Kulu Manali now.

Director Shankar has incorporated a few romantic scenes between the two to set the screens sizzling. The almost 60 year old superstar is working hard to look young alongside the unusually youthful Ash. One such sizzling and spicy scene between the pair to be shot in Kulu Manali will have them romancing in a car. A top model Benz car has been purchased, the cost of which is a whopping One Crore.

The inside buzz is that another brand new Merc was blown in an action scene shot earlier.The makers are living no stone unturned to make the film sizzle and dazzle. Now we’ll have to wait and watch to find out if the hard work pays off in the end or not

Deepika’s penchant for dating!

Deepika Padukone, the long legged beauty appears to be the most fickle-minded when it comes to dating with men. She changes her boyfriends just like her dresses. It is not clear whether she does it just for fun or to attract publicity and attention. Whatever may be the reason, her act is making her boyfriends jealous of each other. If that goes beyond a limit, then it might land the sexy girl in real trouble.

Initially, she was linked with the Indian Cricket Team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and then she was linked with cricketer Yuvraj Singh. There was a time when rumour mills made abuzz that Dhoni and Yuvi might turn into foes in their run to date Deepika. But she never gave them the chance. It is said she ditched both the cricketers and went back to ex-flame Nihar Pandya. And that did not last long too.

Within no time she began dating Ranbir Kapoor, son of actor Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. It was during the shooting of Bachna Ae Haseeno that they became friends and then fell in love.

Recently, Deepika met Ranbir’s family at a function and rumours did rounds that her would-be-in-laws were very much impressed with her and almost gave their blessings for the relationship between their son and the sexy girl. However, we now have come across with a startling fact that Deepika is dating a new guy. She was spotted with a guy in Mumbai.

While Ranbir Kapoor was busy shooting out of Mumbai, Deepika was spotted at a suburban multiplex watching the Aamir Khan starrer, Ghajini. And giving her company was a new guy whom nobody knows.

As soon as the movie ended, Deepika ran out of the theatre with the boy in tow, got into her car and zoomed away. Well, Deepika having been spotted with

Tabu Proves Sexiest In India

At 38, actress Tabu is still hot and hotter. She has been sending fires in the hearts of many youngsters with her curves and buxom bosoms. Her curves are well exploited by Chandra Siddartha in the film 'Idi Sangathi' this year. Her deep cleavage and tight fleshy assets are revealed by her in Vajrotsavam of Tollywood in January 2007 and those stills were widely circulated.

Now she is considered to be the sexiest lady in glamour world of India and hence her most sensuous pictures were published in Vogue magazine.

Saying about Tabu, Vogue India editor Priya Tana says, Whether you celebrate the Indian volupte, or debate over India trying hard to loose her curves, shape remains an important issue and pre occupation for us. Keeping this in mind, our January issue has been dedicated to shape  dressing for each size, women who have embraced their unique shapes and living your fittest life ever. Tabu embodies the quintessential Indian silhouette for us. A consummate performer and an earthy beauty, she is undoubtedly the champion for both real curves and real women.

So Tabu is regarded as the sexiest of all.

Sexiest Tummy Award Goes To

Beauty has always been the key for any heroine and for the maximum number of crowd pulling to the theatres. Going a bit deeper, there are those who are keen to have a look at the shapely curves and the enticing navels that really gives them a high. That is a sort of virtual satisfaction they would get.

So the talk among many has always been that who among the top heroines has the most beautiful tummy or the shapely navel. Though this might sound a bit lusty, the essence of the talk is to admire the beauty of women and feel tender about it. So after a lot of debates and comparative analysis, here is what they have to say.

The chosen one happens to be the mesmerizing Malayalam beauty Mamatha Mohandas who has stumped one and all with her looks and curves in the recent 'Chintakayala Ravi' and the latest 'King' overshadowing the likes of Trisha and Anushka. It is not a surprise then that the song writers have got inspired and wrote 'ola olala ola ola o saari cheyy veste polaa..' looking at her tummy.

Bunny’s next with Gunasekhar

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is all set to sizzle in yet another flick of director Gunasekhar, the shooting of which will begin in second week of January. According to sources, D.V.V. Danayya (the producer of Desamuduru) is producing the film under the banner of Universal Media.

The female lead is yet to be confirmed, though. It is learnt that the subject deals with society-oriented issues (as usual, it’s the trademark of Gunasekhar), however, there are certain elements that would add zing to Allu Arjun’s stardom and go according to his image. Now, the million dollar question is that does Gunasekhar succeed in making another Okkadu?

Swetha Prasad with Vaibhav


Konthabangaru lokham heroine Swetha Basu Prasad and producer A Kodandarami Reddy son Vaibhav are coming together to act in a film as hero and heroine. This new film will be directed by G Nageswara Reddy who earlier directed Seema Sastri and will be produced by Smt A Bharathi of K Films banner. Gopi Mohan will do the screenplay and BVS Ravi will script the dialogues.

Navadeep and Bhumika to do ‘Yagam’

Navadeep’s new film has been titled as Yagam. Arun Prasad who earlier made a hit, Gowtham SSC, with Navadeep, directs the film. Bhumika and sexy Bollywood beauty Kim Sharma are playing opposite Navadeep in this romantic
action entertainer that has almost completed its shooting part. Major part of the shooting is took place in Bangkok and Hyderabad.

The movie is expected to hit the screens towards January end. Raju and Praveen on Silver Screen Movies are producing it while Bharat Takur’s Down Town Films presents it.

Pawan Kalyan Is Better Than Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan proves better than Chiranjeevi in the matter of public meetings. He is using best of his voice and also histrionics. His clarity of thought and the degree of revolt against government are highly appreciated by people. He proves to be a right man to lead Yuva Rajyam, people say. In fact, his extremist outlook and diction are impressive and many say that he is better than Chiranjeevi is grabbing the image of a good politician and man of masses.

Although Pawan's CMPF brought negative image for him for not starting that and serving people as promised, his fresh speeches against government and pointing out the injustice done for poor people have come out with better impact.

Leaving the truth and false in his allegations, his conviction in speech is appreciated. He is now looking a bit plumper than before and impressive.

Eyes On New Sexy Parvathi

With more and more awareness building up on the aspects of beauty and glamour, many traditional girls from the southern side who have often been conservative in their lifestyles have now begun to go out of their homes and make their presence felt in a bigger and better way in the outside world.

The best place for such ambitious girls has often been the world of fashion and beauty and true to their penchant they have been winning laurels out there. One girl who has made the southern side proud by doing so is the dusky beauty from Kerala. Her name is Parvathy Omanakuttan.

Parvathi has stood the various challenges and competition in the recently concluded Miss World beauty contest and stood as the first runner up. This means that she is literally the second most beautiful woman in the world. Recently, she was in Hyderabad for the Femina contest as a special invite and her arrival and presence simply stumped the male folk who could not help gasping for breath looking at her beauty. Way to go Parvathi.

Balakrishna's Shooting Case Reopening

Balakrishna has shot to fame all of a sudden a few years back by digging bullets inside the belly of Bellamkonda Suresh and Satyanarayana Chowdary. The incident need not be elucidated again as it has been a popular episode. Followed by that, Balakrishna was admitted in Hospital and after a long drama, the issue was closed.

Both Bellmkonda and Satyanarayan Choudary have said that Balakrishna was not a convict in that firing episode. As the sufferers didn't demand for any sort of justice the case was closed.

But now The Commissioner of Police Prasada Rao declared that a petition was filed to reopen the case. The details of petitioners are not revealed. It goes without saying that there will be Congress' hand behind this issue. We have to see how far this case shows its impact on the political career of Balakrishna and TDP on a whole.

Aamir's body scares me: John Abraham

John Abraham might have been adjudged as the sexiest man alive by a survey, but the actor is all gaga about Aamir Khan's physique in Ghajini.

In a recent interview, John Abraham said, I may be fit but when I look at Aamir Khan and the way he has developed his body just for a role, it scares me. All us actors should take a leaf out of his book and how he has changed cinema in this country.

Well John, now that's called healthy competition.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Being an Ash lookalike has helped me ullal

Her uncanny resemblance to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has made more news than her films. A Salman Khan discovery, Sneha Ullal, who debuted at 17 in Lucky: No Time For Love a couple of years ago, didn’t seem to have luck on her side in B town. Now, two years later, Sneha is considered hot property in the south, especially in the Telugu industry. With two consecutive hits in Ullasanga Utsahanga and Nene Meeku Telusa, Sneha’s scored some plum projects in Tollywood. She’s just made a special appearance in a song for Nagarjuna’s King and is also playing his leading lady in Current.

So, did Sneha move down south because she isn’t doing well in Bollywood? “It’s just that I was too young to display any talent when I debuted. I was 17 then, and didn’t want to work too hard. So, I groomed myself for two years and then decided to do south films. I was getting some very good roles from the south and decided to exploit opportunities here. Besides being a good training ground, the southern industry is also more professional when compared to Bollywood,” she explains.

So, did she make a mistake when she debuted so young? “In Lucky…, I played a school kid and I also didn’t learn anything from that film. I looked kiddish and was also confused at that phase. So, I took a break to look more mature and improve my acting skills.

I’ve lost two years now and don’t want to lose more time,” admits Sneha. But being a Salman Khan find, and having done Aryan with Sohail Khan, why didn’t she cash in on her rapport with the Khan khandaan? “Salman’s always there for me and I’m still in touch with him. But now, I want to make it on my own without anyone’s backing,” asserts the Mangalorean girl.

What about her reputation as an Ash lookalike did it help her career? “It was much talked about, so it must’ve somewhere! Yeah, it definitely gave me the fame needed for a newbie, but I don’t want to rely on that anymore. In fact, when I met Ash at an awards function, I apologised for all the lookalike hype around me. She said it’s all media created and advised me to get used to it,” says the actress.

While Sneha promises to stick around in the south, she’s also looking at a re entry in Bollywood. “In B town, if you’re in, you’re in. If you quit, you’re out. I’m getting a second chance to make a comeback and want to play it right henceforth. I have a couple of films lined up, so I’m looking forward to them,” she says.

As for the various camps and joining the bikini brigade, Sneha has some strong views. “I don’t think sleeping around can get you work. I only believe in choosing the right script. And while I won’t wear a churidar and be the quiet type, I also won’t resort to skin show. Also, no size zero for me. Heroines need to flaunt their curves that’s how you make a guy look like s*&t!” she signs off.

Seiya Seeks Shahrukh Khan

She has made her debut with the film 'Neninthe' and though she is hardly one film old, she has already started creating waves of heat. Her oomph factor and luscious sex appeal has been making the male folk go insane and it is heard that the film makers have already started making a beeline at her doorstep to rope her in for more ventures.

She is none other than the mouth watering beauty Seiya and recently she revealed about her favorite actor. Seiya says that she is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan and added that she would love to be in the shoes of the new beauty Anushka Sharma who paired up with SRK in her debut film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Seiya says that is the real kind of dream debut, she has already watched 'RNBDJ' three times and is gearing up to watch the flick few more times. While Seiya has joined the list of those millions of girls who adore Shahrukh, the Telugu film makers are busy trying to get her attention with their scripts. Wonder if Shahrukh is aware of all this admiration.

Madonna’s new man Jesus Luz is a porn star

MADONNA’S toy-boy lover has been hiding a sleazy secret – he starred in a porn film just weeks before they met. Brazilian model Jesus Luz plays a jilted drunken boyfriend in the sizzling cable telly movie in which three hot babes act out viewers’ fantasies.

The news broke as Madge was spotted looking stressed, emotional and very much her 50 years following a meeting with ex-husband Guy Ritchie. The pop queen has been in Britain since Christmas Eve when she handed over sons Rocco, eight, and David Banda, three, to Guy, 40.

She and Guy attended a Kabbalah meeting in London together but onlookers said they had minimum communication and were frosty towards each other And Madonna looked haggard when she popped out for dinner at London’s Locanda restaurant with pals Gwyneth Paltrow, 36, and Chris Martin, 31.

The Vogue singer’s mood is unlikely to have improved after the porn revelation about new flame Jesus, who pals say has got her “besotted”.The young model guest-starred in an episode of a late-night Brazilian TV series in which a trio of actresses bring to life sex tales sent in by viewers.

Jesus, 20, plays Diogo, who is taken to a house party by his girlfriend but passes out on a chair after drinking too much. Once the party ends, his randy girlfriend starts flirting with another man. She tries to raise Diogo and takes his top off, with the intention of having a threesome.

But when he doesn’t come to, the frustrated girl has sex with the other man in front of him. With his toned torso on show, Jesus wakes up but his character is too drunk to make out what is happening. It’s a world away from the man who has apparently won the love of one of the world’s biggest stars.

Director of the show Candé Salles said: “He acted very well. He is excellent

Jiah’s lesson for Ramu

The hot and sexy Jiah Khan who was recently seen in Ghajini, can well be the mediator between Ram Gopal Varma and Aamir Khan, considering that she has worked with both. However, ask Jiah what it is that Aamir can learn from Ramu and vice versa, and the Khan girl joked, Well, Aamir is an actor, director and producer while Ramu is a director and producer.

So while Aamir needn’t learn anything from RGV, Ramu can do with some acting lessons from Aamir. Wonder how mentor Ramu is going to take this piece of advice.

Namitha is hot on the net

Video clips or MMS of actresses are popular on various online sites. After Trisha’s bathroom clip and Nayanthara’s liplock scenes, it is now the turn of Namitha! A new video featuring the actress changing clothes in her caravan is now being circulated on the net. For sometime now, actresses have resorted to staying in homes of relatives or in their private caravans for fear of such videos being made when they stay in hotels.

The caravan is where actors rest between shots and it is equipped with a bed, rest room and other facilities. Namitha, who is currently working for Jaganmohini, is shown changing clothes in the video, but it is unclear as to which movie she was then working on, or the place where it was taken. The actress, who is currently in Mumbai, says she is shocked about the incident and has no idea when the video was taken.

Pawan Kalyan behind bars

In the Nampally area in Hyderabad, Pawan Kalyan was arrested on the charge for creating a blockade. The popular actor and member of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party, is also the president of the youth wing Yuva Rajyam.

The state government of AP in a measure to eradicate the rising slum areas in Bheemrao Vada, near Nampally, organized a team to dislodge the dwellers. In order to bring the decision to vogue, the slums were disbursed forcibly by the government officials today.

Protesting against the dislodgement, Pawan Kalyan accompanied by a group of young members from PRP reached the spot to support the people of Bheemrao Vada.

He stated that this government says they are for the poor but actually works against the poor. We will not rest until we replace it with effective governance. He then consoled the local people and extended his support to them.

Pawan Kalyan was arrested by the Nampally police for making a blockade during their dislodgement.

VarunSandesh and Gunnam Sandeep’s starts on Jan

The hot and happening hero in Tollywood is Varun Sandesh of ‘Happy Days and ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ fame. In his budding career, he has been signed up for a row of movies by different production companies. The movie next in the line is ‘Evaraina Epudaina’ directed by debutant Marthand K Shankar. Prestigious company AVM Productions is producing the film.

A remake of the Tamil hit ‘Polladavan’ starring Dhanush will feature Varun Sandesh in the lead will go to the floors once AVM’s movie gets completed. The movie will be directed in Telugu by debutant Gunnam Sandeep, son of director cum producer Gunnam Ganga Raju. Producer RB Chowdary will be making the move on his Mega Super Good Films banner.

The movie will begin shooting on 18th or 22nd of the upcoming month of January.

I am not a glam prop Tamanna

In these days of heroine’s being utilized only for glamour roles, a disparate actress Tamanna retorts, “I am not a glam prop in my movies.”

Budding actress Tamanna debuted to Telugu cinema in ‘Sri’ paired up with Manoj. A bad start as the movie turned out to be a disaster at the box office. Yet, she made a comeback with ‘Happy Days’ directed by Shekhar Kammula. The blockbuster flick of 2007 bought wide fame for the actress and baked her in glory.

Since then she has been busy acting in both Telugu and Tamil in a number of movies. Her upcoming movie in Telugu is ‘Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam’ opposite Siddharth.

During a recent talk with the star, she expressed her choicest roles and her desire to enact characters which could be admired by family and youngsters alike. My presence on screen should be elegant and not revealing which might embarrass the audience.

On a question over the glam part, she said, I would like to play in roles that give me an opportunity to act and attain a name as an artist. I don’t want to be stamped as a glamour heroine and I suggest the same for everyone as not to mark or treat any actress restricting them to glam roles.

Mahesh And NTR To Rise Remunerations

Though the recession is happening and the financial slowdown has been creating havoc in many lives there are a few souls in the Telugu industry who seem to be unfazed by such happenings. One such person is power star Pawan Kalyan who is said to be charging a whopping Rs 9 Crores for his forthcoming venture 'Komaram Puli'.

Now, this has given rise to a new wave in the top heroes of the Telugu circuit who are said to be contemplating on hiking up their fare meters too. The two names that are making rounds are that of Prince Mahesh Babu and Young Tiger NTR who are now among the hottest stars among the youth audience.

While Mahesh is keen on bouncing back with a blockbuster since his last release was not upto the mark NTR has been doing fine for himself with the decent returns from 'Kantri' and his huge mass appeal also holds the key for his going for a hike. It now remains to be seen who would be willing to come forward with their offers.

Thigh Beauty To Replace Anushka

The film industry is one place which is the perfect example for the adage nothing is permanent except change. Here, what you may find to be hot may not be the same tomorrow since a more hotter thing arrives. Something like that is currently happening in the tinsel town and this time, the subject is quite interesting.

From a long time, it has been believed that the most voluptuous and luscious beauty that the Tollywood field had was Anushka. Even today, it will take a long time for anyone to reach her place but then there is a buzz that one girl has surely got into the path and if she is able to work her way out, she will join the league of Anushka.

We are talking about the highly seductive Kaveri Jha who stumped much audience and made their mouths dry with her wet skin show in her debut film 'Nagaram'. Now, she has been gaining popularity for her raw sex appeal and folks are saying that she might well be the replacement for Anushka. That's a good compliment Kaveri, hope you live up to it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Komaram Puli next shedule from 3rd January

Pawan Kalyan next movie komaram puli is going to start its next shedule from 3rd January. This shedule will continue till 15th February during which the entire talkie part will be completed. The songs of komaram puli will be shot in March and the movie will be released in May 2009.

Pawan Kalyan is doing the lead role while new girl Nikhisha is doing the female lead role. Manoj Bajpai, Charan Raj, Nasser, Saranya and Ali play other important roles. Music is by AR Rehman, camera is by Binod Pradhan and direction is by SJ Surya. Singanamala Ramesh is producing komaram puli.

Priyamani in love with Prithviraj


Priyamani who is now the most sought after heroine in Tollywood and Kollywood has fallen in love. If the rumours of South Indian Film Industry are to be believed, Priyamani who is a malayali girl has fallen in love and is dating Malayalam star Prithviraj. Priyamani and Prithvi are acting together in two movies. It is also being said that this hot pair is being regulary seen in the restaurants and pubs of Chennai.

Priyamani who started her career in homely character and girl next door characters is now doing complete glamour roles. She is all set to do complete skin show in her next movies like Drona and Balakrishna film.

Jodie Marsh celebrates her birthday in a sexiest outfit

Jodie Marsh may have turned 30 but the exhibitionist is showing no signs of maturing any time soon. The glamour model celebrated her milestone birthday by donning one of the most ridiculous outfits ever, which consisted of a leopard print tie, a top hat, nipple covers, knickers and thigh-high kinky boots.

Jodie made sure all eyes were on her as she arrived at the Rock ’n’ Roll themed bash at Sugar Hut nightclub in Essex on the arm of her lesbian lover Nina – who was dressed as ex Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. Guests at the Z list bash included former Big Brother winner Brian Belo who arrived with Shipwrecked star Naomi Millbank-Smith.

Jodie went public with her romance with female hairdresser Nina in August after they were pictured kissing. ’I’ve had loads of shit men,’ she said at the time. ’I can see why women turn lesbian, because you get to the point where you’re sick of hearing so much f***ing bullshit, so you start to look elsewhere.

’Nina’s really sexy. She asked me out and we’ve been on a few dates. I think she’s a cool girl.

’I love the way she kisses and she doesn’t f*** me about. I feel comfortable with her. Nina’s as sexy as any man.’ Jodie showed off her numerous tattoo’s at the event which include the faces of Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry.

She appeared to have scrawled an extra design on her arm with a black marker which ironically read ‘Jodie Marsh – only sane person left.’ Jodie also has a rosary and cross around her right wrist and the mottos My Crazy Life, Life’s Too Short and Only God Can Judge Me on her arms.

Last year, Jodie offered up her skin to readers of lads’ magazine Bizarre when she asked readers to send in suggestions for her latest etching. Eventually, Jodie plumped for a devil’s tail coming out of her bottom up her back.

Jodie also has the word Porn and a star in the small of her back, the mottos plus the names of her best friend Kim who died some years ago and dead pet dog Pixie intertwined on the back of her neck. Last year, she sought a husband on a reality TV show but the marriage to Matt Peacock lasted only three months.

Jr. NTR to pair up with Nayantara

Nayantara has a special place in Tollywood and a huge fan base. But obviously she has attracted more fans after Dubai Seenu and Salute released. Slowly, this “numero uno” actress of Tamil Nadu is gaining a stronghold on Tollywood. Of late, many producers and heroes are keen on including her in their films.

Realizing her potential and wanting to capitalize on her rising stardom, V.V. Vinayak decided to cast her opposite Junior NTR in his forthcoming film, which will have one more heroine. But there is one more reason for Nayantara becoming the main heroine of this film; V.V. Vinayak’s first choice Ileana could not provide dates, so he settled for Nayantara who seems to be the new rage of Andhra Pradesh.

This might be disappointing news to fans of Ileana D’Cruz who enjoyed her role as Jr. NTR’s close friend in Rakhi. But V.V. Vinayak has little choice with Ileana being busy with two films (one opposite Nitin and another with Ram).

Nayantara, who rocked in Dubai Seenu and Salute, knows that this is a great opportunity for her and would definitely want to make the best use of it. Now, that means the fans are in for a big treat.

Katrina Kaif isn’t too hurt

Katrina Kaif is very accident prone. A month ago, Ranbir Kapoor missed his cue and slapped her so hard on the sets of ’Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’ that her face got swollen badly and shooting had to be cancelled. Last week, she got her leg rather badly injured while shooting for ’De Dhana Dhan’.

According to cast members at Film City here, Katrina was doing an underwater sequence with Akshay Kumar when her foot got tangled under water.

"The more she tried to extricate herself the more her leg got tangled. She tried to scream for help, but because of the noise on the sets including the stunt co ordinators who were shouting instructions to the entire cast, no one heard Katrina’s screams of pain," a unit member told us.

Finally, Akshay bailed her out. "Akshay saw that Katrina was in trouble. He quickly swam to her and got her out of the tangle," said the unit memeber.

Katrina’s leg was badly hurt. "It could’ve been worse, said the source, "but tetanus shots and sedatives have eased her pain." When contacted, Katrina tried to downplay the incident saying: It was nothing. I hurt my leg. There was a cut that hasn’t healed as yet. So I’m in pain.

Balakrishna - Priyamani film release in April 2009

Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna and Priyamani yet to be named film is getting ready to be released in April 2009. Krishna Prasad who is the producer of the film is making all the necessary arrangements to release the movie for summer 2009.


The third shedule of this yet to be named film is going on in Rajamundry while the first and second shedules took place in Ramoji Film City and Malaysia respectively. Mahadev is directing this Balakrishna and Priyamani starrer.

Saif Ali Khan hospitalised

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan was Thursday admitted to the Lilavati hospital here after he complained of pain in his abdomen, hospital sources said.

"He is suffering from an intestine infection. The doctors are still conducting the tests. He will have to remain in the hospital for a few days," a hospital source told us.

In 2006, Saif underwent surgery in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. He had complained of pain in the abdomen then too and the doctors had diagnosed he was suffering from appendicitis.

King edited by 10 minutes

Nagarjuna’s latest release King was released on 25th December to tremendous openings. Though the movie opened to big openings, the reviews on first day said that the movie was lenghty. So the makers of King decided to trim the movie by 10min.


D Siva Prasad who is the producer of King, director Sreenu Vytla and Nagarjuna decided to trim the movie by 10 min inorder to reduce the lenght of movie play time. The trimmed or edited movie will be played in all the screens from today.

King has Trisha in the lead role, Mamtha Mohan Das in negative role and many comedians and villans to support hero Nagarjuna. Priyamani, Anushka, Charmee, Genelia, Sneha Ullal and Kamna Jatmalani appear in a song and sizzle the audience.

Sekhar Kammula to introduce Rana

Anand, Godavari and Happy Days director Sekhar Kammula is now getting ready to direct another film with Rana as hero. After planning the re make of Happy Days in Hindi and also a movie with Nagarjuna, he finally decided to direct a film with Rana as hero.

Rana will be introduced to telugu film industry with this movie. Rana who will be dbuting as hero in this new movie is the grand son of Ramanaidu, son of Suresh and nephew of Venkatesh. Rana was waiting for a correct launch pad for his entry into Tollywood and he finally got it in the form of Sekhar Kammula.This Sekhar Kammula Rana new film will be produced by AVM production house. This movie will be officially launched in January 2009. AVM is also producing another movie in telugu with Varun Sandesh as hero.
All the best Rana and Sekhar Kammula.

Friday, December 26, 2008

It hurts Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is so excited after bagging her first Indo China venture that she hasn’t stopped practising dance for the film. Yes, she’s required to show her oomph and dancing skills in Desire. Shilpa wanted to start taking lessons much earlier, but then she hurt her foot.

The gash was deep and long. She got 15 stitches, and will be able to resume her Odissi dance lessons only once she recovers completely.” Hopefully NRI beau Raj Kundra is taking good care of his lady love.

Shweta body double in Indumathi ?

Shwetha Bharadwaj, who shot into fame with Mission Istanbul, is acting as the main protagonist in the producer-director P Harsha Reddy’s film Indumathi under the banner of Geo-Media Arts.

This film is of horror-thriller genre. Recently, some intimate scenes on the lead pair have been shot, but reports are that Shwetha has not participated in it. It is said that the body double of Shwetha has been used.

It is also said that Shwetha has been furious about this development, because people may believe that she herself participated in those hot steamy scenes.

The producer-director is unfazed about this body double controversy and is getting ready for releasing Indumathi on January 1, 2009

Ghajini Rocks at the Box Office

Aamir Khan's Ghajini was expected to do well, specially after the manner in which he promoted the movie. But no one expected that it would have such phenomenal response. The film is believed to have received 100 per cent yesterday, following its release.

If that was not enough, all shows of the film have been sold for the coming week as well. Director AR Murugadoss's film opened on Wednesday evening, when paid previews were held all over the country. According to trade reports, the film is already believed to have raked in three times the collection of Aamir's closest rival, Shah Rukh Khan's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. It's been a while since all shows of a film have been booked in advance for a week.

The film was released worldwide with 1, 450 prints and the support for the movie has cut across all barriers of multiplex, singleplex theatres. The only film that came closest to Ghajini is Akshay Kumar's Singh Is Kinng, which had a record 90 per cent opening when it released earlier this year. But Ghajini has left all its rivals behind. The success of the film is being attributed to a lot of reasons like Aamir's smart marketing tactics. Anyway, at the moment, the only reigning star at the box office is Aamir Khan.

Chitchat with Genelia

Charming Genelia is now the most happening actress in India. Cute and bubbly characters in Bommarillu in and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na in Hindi paved her way to men’s heart. With a string of successes in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Kananda, Genelia is practically living in her suitcases what with her constant juggling between cities. After the super success of Ready, Genelia will be seen in director Krishnavamsi’s Sasirekhaa Parinyam that is getting ready for release. On the location of the movie in Ramoji Film City, she spoke with about the film and her personal life. Excerpts from the chitchat..
Tell us about Sasirekhaa Parinayam

I play the role of a spirited, independent girl called Sasirekha. She doesn’t believe in dowry system and runs away from her marriage on this. On her journey she meets Abhi (played by Tarun) and what happens then is the crux of the movie. It is a story of a girl’s journey finding independence, striving for individuality. In our society, women are taken for granted. Sasirekha questions this.

Is it a rebellion kind of character

Not exactly! Tell me which girl likes a price tag attached to her? That is what Sasirekha is against for and leaves her marriage. Sasirekha is like a child but with mature thinking. You can say, a child in women’s body. I am sure that every girl can easily relate with this Sasirekha. See, every girl working outside and in offices, tries to be diplomatic. They are always on guard. Unlike them, Sasirekha is free spirited.

Which character reflects Genelia Hasini or Sasirekha?

Hasini is a role model but you can find qualities of Sasirekha in me too.
The title suggests that it is a heroine oriented film
No, it is not. 90 percent of the film revolves around both the lead characters Tarun and me.
In Ready too, You did run away from marriage and you play the same role in Sasirekhaa Parinayam.

Ha..Ha. I hope I don’t have to runway from my own marriage in real life. Jokes apart, the two characters are quite different to each other. May be, I can be best choice for the Telugu version of RunAway Bride if someone wants to remake it (laughs).

Rumors have it that the movie is based on Jab We Met?

I want to categorically say that Sasirekhaa Parinayam is not remake of Jab We Met. It is nothing to do with that Bollywood movie. I don’t know how the rumors began but Sasirekhaa Parinayam has no similarities with any of the movies.

How is it working with director Krishnavamsi?

Initially I had not clue about his working style but I heard that he was egoistic, tough, etc. Having worked with him now, I found them false and learnt so much from him. His passion for films, his understanding benefited me profoundly. All these six years in my movie field, this is the first time that I have actually learnt a lot about many aspects about filmmaking, acting and others things. I have taken so much from Sasirekhaa Parinayam, which will help further my career.

Have you seen any of his films?

Yes. Loved his Murari. Actually, the briefing that I was given for Bommarillu was that the family setup would be on the lines of Murari.

Krishnavamsi is known for portraying heroines very glamorously

He portrayed me extremely well in this film. His heroines are real, the ones that you actually see in our day to day life and no artificiality attached to them. He makes them look so glamorous yet have a soul to them. His heroines are not showpieces. Yes, I look glamorous but have no qualms the way he is shown me.

You are doing Bommarillu in all the three languages. How do you feel?

In fact, I am feeling so happy and I must be fortunate to play the same role in all the three languages - in Telugu, Tamil and now in Hindi. In most cases, when a film is remade in other languages the cast is replaced. Only in my case, it didn’t happen. I feel I am lucky.

How is life after Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’s success?

It has been overwhelming experience in the last one year. I had four hits in four languages this year. Ready in Telugu, Santosh Subramaniam in Tamil, Jaane Tu in Hindi, and maiden Kannada movie Satya In Love are big hits. Perhaps, I am the only actress to have four hits in four different languages in period of 12 months.

In all these four, which filmdom you prefer personally?

I enjoy working all the film industries. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi audiences have received me so well and gave me success. Personally, Telugu is like my home. I am not saying it because I am doing a Telugu movie. In the last six years, my growth in Telugu has been very consistent I had done second leads as well as heroine roles and now got prominence. Tollywood is my home.

How do you maintain your svelte figure?

Frankly speaking I eat in healthy way. That doesn’t meant that I don’t take Biryani’s or oil foods but I eat properly. Also I was athlete in my school days.

Current projects?

I am doing two Hindi films Its My Life with Harman Baweja (Remake of Bommarillu), Life Partner directed by Abbas Mastan. Will accept Telugu film next year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

January is reserved for Mahesh and Trivikram

Prince Mahesh Babu’s flick has been delayed a lot and finally now it is being said the movie will start shooting from January, 2009. In the direction of Trivikram Srinivas, the movie is supposedly to have all flavors of Mahesh’s films and will be a high budget venture. Producer Singanamala Ramesh is making the movie on Kanaka Ratna Movies banner.

‘Athidi’ was the last which was a cocktail entertainer and a hit for Mahesh Babu. Now it’s been awhile since the fans saw him on screen. This upcoming movie has reportedly been titled as ‘Varudu’. The shooting locales have been planned as Rajasthan, South Africa and Namibia.

Manisharma is composing the music for this movie.

King Review: Wholesome Entertainer

Film: King
Rating: 3.25/5

Banner: Kamakshi Kala Movies
Cast: Nagarjuna, Trisha, Mamta Mohandas, Srihari, Brahmanandam, Jayaprakash Reddy, Arjan Bajwa, Sayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagawan, Geetha, Dharmavarapu, Chandramohan etc
Music: Devisri Prasad
Story: Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan
Art: AS Prakash
Editing: MR Varma
Cinematography: Prasad Moorella
Screenplay,Direction: Srinu Vaitla
Producer: Sivaprasad Reddy
Release date: 25th Dec 2008

The last big movie of the year 2008 arrived today. The expectations have been big on this film for several reasons. The most vital factor that boosted up expectations is the direction by Srinu Vaitla who made big hit 'Ready' this year. Let us see how far the film reached expectations.

King alias Chandra Pratap Varma (Nag) is the son of Raja Varma (Sobhan Babu). He becomes the heir of a large estate fatre the death of his father, where his uncles and aunts also live with him along with mother (Geeta). King faces a peril in the form of Swapna (Mamata Mohandas). That stands up to be a suspense element in the narration. Who is Swapna and why she becomes a danger point for King? What happens to King?

On the other hand Sravani (Trisha), an aspiring singer catches the eye of a guy whose name is Bottu Seenu (Nag), a goonda. What's the link between Bottu Seenu and King? That forms another layer in the film.

And last but not least, Sravani falls in love with a software engineer Sridhar (Nagarjuna). Is there any link between Sridhar, Bottu Seenu and King other than the similarities in looks? That's another layer all together.

'Gnan anna' aka Gnaneshwar (Srihari) portrayed the role of Sravani's brother.

Rest to be watched on screen to unleash this knot.

Nagarjuna's magnitude is seen fully on silver screen. His grace pulled the attention of entire audiences. It sounds a wonder to know he is 50 now. There are no signs of that age on his face or body and he is looking 20 years younger to what actually the time claims. His performance in three different shades is hilarious and entertaining. He left his starry airs aside and performed up to the role as demanded (like getting bruises from Brahmanandam). That should inspire many younger heroes as well. And coming to dances, he has performed in his trade mark style.

Trisha is with full of elegance and the credit should be given to costume designer and cinematographer. She hasn't exposed anything big but touched the senses of audiences.

Mamata Mohandas looked voluptuous and witch-like as per the demand of the role. She once again proved her mettle as complete artiste with own voice for dubbing.
And coming to the most publicized eight-heroine song, except Genelia everybody looked hot (Anushka), romantic (Trisha), lovely (Priyamani), refined (Kamna), sexy (Mamata Mohandas), spicy (Sneha Ullal) and chubby (Charmy). The costumes used for Genelia are inferior when compared to others in that song. That made the difference.

Brahmanandam once again tickled the audiences with his role as music director Jaya Surya. He has been the vital factor in Srinu Vaitla's films since 'Dhee'.

Master Bharat also brought laughs with his role but that is not in the length of his role in 'Ready'. He justified in a small role in this film.

Jayaprakash Reddy also made his presence well with his Rayalseema style of dialogues. Sayaji Shinde and Krishna Bhagawan also portrayed in their trade mark style on negative side.

Sri Hari deserves very good mention in this flick. He worked really well as supporting artiste. He portrayed action and comedy in right doses. His hilarious role will be remembered as Painter Gnaneshwar for sure.

Coming to technical aspects, cinematography by Moorella Prasad is fantastic. The costume designer also deserves great mention. And the story writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan once again grooved in their names for the characters of Sayaji Shinde and Krishna Bhagawan, like they did with their earlier films.

All in all, this Srinu Vaitla's show although inspired from different films (Chandramukhi, Chandralekha, Shankaradada Zindabad etc….), stands to be unique and a wholesome family entertainer.

The movie takes different twists and turns but no where strains the audiences. A laugh is promised at every 10 minutes on an average. Although the length of the movie seems to be long in second half, audiences don't get bored. Even the songs made the audiences sit in theaters by the blend of their right music and interesting choreography as well as costumes.

First half runs with ample humor while second half too does the same with added comedy.

Many films start rolling on mind's screen while watching this flick and that should be understood as parody-like inspiration by the director.

Interesting Comedy Tracks:
Srihari's painting episodes
Brahmanandam-Trisha casting couch
TV Show with Brahmanandam
Nagarjuna's Chandralekha and Chandramukhi parody

Best Scenes:
Bullet scene (although inspired from Hollywood flick 'Wanted')
Action sequences

It's a wholesome entertainer from Srinu Vaitla but here is one suggestion for him. He should change the style by not incorporating similar elements like that of his 'Ready' and 'Dhee'. There is risk as people may get bored watching similar comedy tracks again and again. The movie undoubtedly appeals for masses and entertains families.

Mamta Mohandas on a holiday

After doing two big films like Chintakayala Ravi and King, Mamta Mohandass has taken a break to spend some time with her family in Bahrain. “I am chilling out with my family,” says the actress, who is keeping her fingers crossed, awaiting the response to her next release King. She was happy about sharing screen space with leading stars like Venkatesh and Nagarjuna, but intends to cut down on twoheroine films. 

“ I just thumbed down a two heroine film since I want to do solo heroine films,” says the actress, who shared screen space with Anushka and Trisha in Chintakayala Ravi and King respectively. It seems that the svelte actress has seen through the game plan of top filmmakers who signed her for a two heroine film promising a solo role in their next film, but that ‘next’ film never happened. Once bitten, twice shy. Right, spunky actress?

At Least NTR, Mahesh Babu Can Go For Gundu?

The Telugu industry has always maintained a separate image when it comes in comparison with the Indian cinema and the number of other regional industries. However, there is also a flip side to this in the fact that the Telugu film fraternity and especially the stars tend to live in an ivory tower of image than anything else.

While big stars like Aamir Khan, Suriya, Vikram and others do not hesitate for a single moment to get into the skin of the character and come up with shaving their head, turning their physique accordingly and going through rigorous training if it is a specialized role our folks are rather fond of not losing a single hair strand despite bashing up a hundred goons.

All eyes are now on the future superstars notably NTR Jr and 'Prince' Mahesh Babu who are being deemed as the hot favorites. Folks are hoping to see if either of them would be willing to take that extra step and come up with rather unique performance roles that will take their image to a different league of quality and performing actors.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sex Bomb Priyamani Competing With Shriya

Gone are the days when the scenes of glamour and skin show belonged to the Bollywood beauties only. Right now, a new wave of southern belles have been creating sensation throughout different corners with their oomph and given their naturally beautiful looks sans glamour, the appeal has been too high.

So focusing deeper, there was the sizzling beauty Shriya who shook the entire Bollywood circuit with her bikini show and other forms of skin displays. While this has been on, a new beauty from the south has emerged to give Shriya an equally tough competition. She is none other than the buxom beauty Priyamani.

This National Award winner is all set to shake the Telugu audience with her bikini show and not stopping at that there is also news that Priyamani will be seen with an extensive navel and cleavage show. Her excessively bold show will be seen in the film 'Drona' and if this act of hers gets successful then it might well be that Priyamani might just make it to the big Bollywood.

Hansika’s hattrick with Maska

"Touch wood I am on a hat trick," says the gorgeous Hansika Motwani, who is determined to offer variety to the audience and promises a swashbuckling role in her next release Maska.

"Definitely it will be different from my earlier roles since I dislike repeating myself," says the actress, who portrays ’contrasting’ shades in the much-awaited love story.

Surprisingly, she played a young sanyasin in her Tollywood debut Desamuduru. "Initially, I did have a few apprehensions but I trusted director Puri Jagannath and it paid off," she smiles. Going a step ahead in her other film Kantri she proved her midas touch. "I loved playing the magical role since director Meher Ramesh is one of the members of our gang comprising of Puri and Bunny," says the starlet.

Personally could she relate to these fantasy roles? "Not at all. I am not superstitious. For instance, after a couple of accidents during Maska, my mother has been forcing me to wear a sacred black thread but I haven’t agreed to it," she giggles. She describes Junior NTR as a "decent co-star" and Ram as a "true professional" to halt questions on her relationship with her co-stars.

Prabha's Big Plans After Billa

Young rebel star Prabhas has shown his potential and his acting skills in his last release 'Bujjigadu' and whatever collections the film made, the credit goes to Prabhas. Now, he is busy with the shooting of the new film 'Billa' and this happens to be a remake of the Tamil blockbuster 'Billa' that had the hot beauty Nayantara walking in a bikini in one scene.  

This is being directed by Meher Ramesh and Prabhas is pairing up with Anushka in this one. Meanwhile, he has also chalked out plans as to what he is going to do after that and there is news that he would take off with another venture with none other than the successful hit director Srinu Vytla. However, Vytla has got his set of commitments before he can start off with Prabhas's project so let us see how long it takes.

Ravi Babu Slapped All Big Heroes

Though the film industry has become one place that has grown enormously in budgets, castings and all other things it has yet again been proved that at the end of the day the most important thing is to give the audience what they want. And true film makers give them what they want.

One man who has been bringing about a novelty in his work is the gigantic Ravi Babu. His films have been tapping the pulse of the audience and here is the best part. He has proved to one and all that it does not require the faces of celebrity heroes or some sleazy pictures of heroines to attract the crowds to the theaters.

Simply by using the picture of two monkeys and two puppy dogs, he has proved that the audience will still come to the film and it is upto the film maker to give them the complete entertainment for two and a half hours. This has come across as a rather enlightening move by Ravi and our Tollywood requires such individuals who dare to think differently.

Hansika loves to answer fan mails

The child artiste turned-spunky actress Hansika Motwani arrived with a bang in Bollywood with the sensational hit Aap Ka Suroor. “It was an ideal launch pad for me,” says the actress, who enjoyed playing lover girl Ria in the action-based love story. Has her newfound status disturbed her school life? “No way! Some classmates praised me, while others just ignored me, but we still chill out together,” says the svelte actress, who had to contend with a dud in Money Ho Tho Honey Hai as well.

“I was a bit disappointed with the result,” she says, adding she loves to answer fan mails. “I spare time to answer mails but I was disturbed to receive a weird mail. Referring to my film Money Hai.. an unknown fan asked me to love him because he had a big car and a palatial house,” she rues.

King Second Half Stands Interesting

With this year coming to an end, all eyes are on yuvasamrat Nagarjuna and his upcoming venture 'King' that has been setting up a lot of expectations. The film is all set to hit the screens tomorrow and now there is an update that has just arrived and this has soared the temperatures even further.

If news is to be believed then the film's last thirty minutes are going to be really exciting and director Vytla has come out with a very spellbinding climax. It is heard that Nag has been seen in a never before performance for the climax and basically,the ending will be positive just like any other Vytla movies.

Nag is pairing up with the petite beauty Trisha and there are about three roles that he would be seen in. The other highlight apart from the second half is the special song featuring eight beautiful heroines and having seen the stills, it must be said that the number seems to be worth every penny.

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