Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sexiest Old Lady On Small Screen

It is a common feature for many actresses and starlets to call it quits once they pass their 20s and 30s but then there are those ladies who stand apart. Despite nearing their 40s they still manage to have that oomph and sex appeal and tend to get a real good response even from the audience.

One name that stands top in that list is that of the pretty Mandira Bedi. She is currently setting the TV screens on fire with her presence in the ongoing IPL cricket season. Many say that Mandira’s sense of fashion and her way of dressing has impressed many.

This is in total contrast to the last year IPL where Mandira was seen sporting all sarees, but this time she is coming up in trendy outfits and is changing her hairstyles too. Her accessories, costumes are causing envy to many young girls and it must be said that Mandira is still looking sexy even at the age of 37.

Wow Namitha What A Change?

For all those who have been big fans of Namitha’s heavy duty body, here is some bad news and for those who want to see a slimmer namitha, here is some good news. The Punjabi beauty who has become the sex diva for the southern circuit has now got down to cutting her weight.

Apparently, she is doing the role of a cop in the forthcoming venture ‘Deshdrohi’ and for this Namitha has already cut down eight kilos, as per sources. The pretty girl has also announced that she will be cutting down further so this means that the heavy and hefty voluptuous oomph will not be seen anymore.

Meanwhile, those who have seen the slimmer version of Namitha are in awe of her new beauty and say that she looks much better like this than before. The real pulse of the audience will be known once Namitha hits the screen in a rather leaner version. All the best for this pretty girl.

Anushka's Censored Bikini Clips In Circulation

The hot buxom beauty Anushka who caused quite a sizzle in the recent relliase ‘Billa’ was said to be the saving grace of the movie. Her bikini act and her soft silky thighs gave a visual feast to all.

Now, there is news that few of the scenes that were shot during the bikini act were edited and those clips were kept for records purpose. However, it is now being said that those clips have been loaded into an MMS and they are making crazy rounds all over.

Those who got to see the MMS say that Anushka was looking even more beautiful and sensuous than the scenes on the screen. It is being said that the makers are trying to figure out who could be responsible for the leakage of those scenes and are digging the cause for this, as per sources. The MMS also shows the making of bikini scenes for the movie where Anushka sported only with two piece with men around to shoot.

Big Gap Between Allu Arjun And Ram Charan

When it comes to movies of noted stars from the same family, the formula is to arrange for a gap between the releases so that the revenue on the movies does not get distributed. But there seems to be a possible hitch that might happen in the case of mega powerstar Ramcharan Teja and stylish star Allu Arjun.

Apparently, both of them are currently busy with their movies and while Charan is arriving with his ‘Magadheera’, Arjun is coming up with the sequel to his blockbuster hit ‘Arya’. Sources say that both movies are getting wrapped up around the same time so this could lead to a clash.

However, the mega family is said to be looking at creating a gap of at least 50 days between both releases so it remains to be seen who will take the first step in this one. Let us hope this is more of a family decision without affecting anyone’s egos so that all will benefit well at the end.

Abids Sex Injection For Big Hero

Bollywood off late has been seeing many old heroes and younger ladies falling for each other and looking at a life together. Some of the best examples are Salman Khan Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor and above them all is Sanjay Dutt Manyata who are already married.

While Sanjay Dutt is touching his 50 this July, Manyata is around her thirties. It is heard that Sanju is keen on having a child with Manyata and that is one reason why he had turned down the idea of Manyata contesting in the elections. But given the age, the prospects of Sanju are said to be getting bleak with each passing day.

So it is heard that one of Sanju’s close friends had suggested Dr Saveria in Abids, Hyderabad and spoke about a specialized injection that can help him in boosting his hormones and sperm count in particular. The injection is said to be priced in few Rs 1000s and the success rate is 95%. So it looks like the answer to Sanju’s problems is in Hyderabad.

Kamalini’s Police Tensions

The sensuous beauty Kamalini Mukherjee seems to be one actress who has got it all in her to make it big but then luck has been eluding her. Though she has registered her image with the audience as an authentic and erotic homely beauty, Kamalini was not able to get many film offers.

Now that she decided to get glamorous with her image, she came up with some bold acts in her new movie ‘Police Police’ but it looks like bad luck has struck again. The film has wrapped up all its formalities but it is getting delayed due to some reason or the other.

This is slated to be a complete cop flick and Kamalini had high expectations on this one. The relief for her is the movie ‘Gopi, Gopika, Godavari’ that has been progressing briskly under the direction of Vamsi so one hopes that even ‘Police Police’ also comes out soon and relieves her tension.

Shreya set to rule

Shreya has two very big budget bilinguals set to release soon. The first is Pista with Vishal and the second is Malanna with Vikram. The trade expectation is that she is set to rule both Kollywood and Tollywood if any of these films would do well.

The good news is that both the films have positive talk going their way and unless some serious glitches occur they may well be hits.

Shriya is expected to give a good run for money to both Anushka and Nayantara who are ruling the roost now. Analysts say that Shriya has been lucky to get these films, and if she does well in them, she has achieved a lot without the mandatory skin shows and bikini wears.

Insider news is that she is looking ravishing in these films and surely she is going to raise the stakes once the films’ release.

Nayantara Repeated Katrina Kaif's Mistake

The hot Malayalam beauty Nayantara may not have reached the league of Bollywood angel Katrina Kaif when it comes to success and fame but she has surely taken one step in common. Recently, Nayan’s presence at a temple caused major chaos and that too for the wrong reasons.

Nayan is known to be frequenting into temples so when she was passing through the Bhagavathy Amman temple, she wanted to have a quick darshan. But little did she know that the temple custom was to have ladies in sarees and Nayan was draped in a churidar.

As soon as she came out, a commotion took place as the locals and the temple authorities did not give her the leverage of an actress. Finally, Nayan is said to have apologized for her ignorance. Katrina also is said to have had an issue like this sometime back when she went into the golden temple at Amritsar.

Bollywood Actor's Respect For Tollywood

Actor Sonu Sood is not only riding high on the success of his Hindi films, but also on his Telugu venture Arundhati. The actor is so overwhelmed with the success of the film that he has decided to do two ventures down south every year.

Though I’m not from Tollywood, I’m grateful to the people here for accepting me. The real film audience is in the south. Mumbai and other cities have multiplex audiences. But, people in the south still enjoy their cinema in the old fashioned way the way it should be enjoyed. And the best part is, they remember your dialogues.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Actress caught red-handed with boy friend

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is playing opposite Prabhas in his upcoming film Ek Niranjan has caught red-handed with her boy friend here in city.

Kangana and her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman is one celebrity couple that don’t believe in keeping their relationship under the wraps. According to sources, the couple was spotted getting a little too cosy in the VIP lounge in Excess on Saturday night, unperturbed by the attention their PDA was attracting.

I have a new look for IPL 2

Mandira Bedi gave cricket a whole new dimension when she first hosted Extraaa Innings in nooddle strap sari blouses below stylish saris.

The actress, who tends to follow cricket and cricketers, played a significant role in attracting, engaging and expanding the audience base for cricket viewing in India.

Now, Mandira will be back with Extraa Innings for the second season of the Indian Premiere League. And that’s not all. This time, she will sport a whole new look. Rajul Hegde finds out.

Have you done any preparation for IPL 2?

I don’t think you have to do homework for this. You need to love cricket, enjoy it and only then will you understand it. I have always watched cricket and am passionate about the game. So this is the most prepared I can be. I was not a part of the IPL last year but I attended almost every match.

Posh celebrates 35th b’day sans Becks

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham celebrated her 35th birthday with her three young sons.

While her soccer ace husband David Beckham is in Milan, Posh took her boys – Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, six, and Cruz, four, her sister, parents and niece Liberty to dinner at a Hollywood restaurant, reports the Mirror .

She got CDs and DVDs from the kids, while David – who celebrated with Victoria in Milan last week – got her another of her favourite Hermes bags.

Posh also had an early birthday celebration with her celebrity pals including Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez
, Nicole Richie and Kate Beckinsale.

The fashion icon enjoyed an intimate birthday meal with the ladies at Los Angeles restaurant Cecconi’s.

Vimala Raman Pairs up with Tarun

Vimala Raman is now acting in AVM’s Movie Evaraina Eppudaina this movie is still under progress, she has signed in another movie in Tolly wood. Vimala Raman is now paired up with "Lover Boy" Tarun in a new film to be produced by Supreme Raju Harwani and Gogineni Srinivas. The film is Going to directed by V.N.Aditya.It is going to be launched very soon.

According to Sources Regular Shoot commences from May 26th and most part of the movie is going to shot in Malaysia.

Gadde Sindoora In Hot Love Hug

Gadde Sindoora is the Telugu girl who bagged big fame in international beauty contests. Se acted in ‘Sangamam’ of Rasool and didn’t appear on silver screen again.

Freshly it looks like all is not well in the Gadde family. The parents do not approve of their daughters late night partying or the boys they are going around with. But in Australia Sindhura Gadde met a boy named John and fell in love and when they sought the parents’ approval from marriage they received a denial!

However the pair has been sneaky and fly frequently to see each other. Time will tell whether their parents can soften up to let them marry or not

Aarthi Agarwal Divorced?

This is the hottest grapevine that is making rounds in film industry. A birdie said that Aarthi Agrawal has revealed to friends in Film Nagar that she has been divorced from her husband for nearly a year now.

She was forced to marry and she says it didn't work out but there are no hard feelings on either side!!

Freshly she made a re-entry into films all of a sudden and also expressed her views stating that she is ready to dance in item songs as well. People wondered why she is so desperate for acting in any kind of role at this moment. When inquired the inside sources said about this divorce phenomenon. Let us see if anything reveals from official front.

Ants cost Hrithik Rs 2.5 lakh daily

The actor doesn’t compromise when it comes to living the good life. While the pest control work is on in full swing at his Juhu residence, Hrithik along with wife Sussanne and their two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan have been living at a suburban five-star hotel. And the actor has been shelling out Rs 2.5 lakh per day while staying at the hotel.

The couple has moved out of their Juhu residence not only with their children but also a bevy of helpers. Contrary to rumours, the couple and their children didn’t move out of the Juhu residence because of a skirmish with the senior Roshans. Their floor was infested with white ants because of which the couple temporarily shifted base to a hotel.

"Accompanying the actor and his wife are two private nurses who look after the children and two maids who take care of the couple’s requirements," said a source. A source from the hotel said, "Hrithik has booked not one or two but five plush suites- 501 to 505- in the hotel. The daily charges and other expenses incurred including the food and the star’s daily expenditure during his stay is nothing less than Rs 2.5 lakh per day. Hrithik, his family and his helpers are expected to stay for at least a month more in the hotel."

"It’s almost like having the entire floor to oneself as all the five suites are interconnected. The children and the maids also have separate bedrooms."

But as they say, money can buy you a bed but not sleep. And that’s exactly what the actor is experiencing. The source said, "The beds in the hotel have high-quality luxurious mattresses made from special feathers. They are extremely soft and comfortable. But Hrithik didn’t find the beds comfortable as he developed a backache after sleeping on those mattresses. He requested the hotel staff to replace his mattress with a firmer one immediately.

Wish Abhi-Ash on their 2nd Anniversary

It’s been 2 long years of marriage but still, it appears Bollywood’s most loved & popular couple Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can’t get enough of each other.

They hold a high esteem and the same freshness in their love for each other. In spite of hectic schedule, they find time to spend with each other. So come join us in wishing the lovely couple with all the good wishes who are celebrating their second marriage anniversary today on 20th April 2009.

Deepika Padukone As Arundhati?

The film ‘Arundhati’ is all set to be made into Hindi now. The man to make this happen is none other than Shyamprasad Reddy and right now, the biggest dilemma is, who will take the place of the hot and buxom beauty Anushka who came up with a spectacular performance in the movie.

While names like Rani Mukherjee, Kajol have been making rounds, the latest to join the list is the long legged Karnataka beauty Deepika Padukone. Sources say that the makers are also considering her profile for the role of ‘Jejamma’ and ‘Arundhati’.

It is also said that Anushka Sharma who made her debut by pairing up with Shahrukh Khan for the film ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ is also in the list. There seems to be a tough competition for the role and only time will tell who will become the chosen one.

Salman or Arnold, we are confused!

Salman’s character in his forthcoming film Veer bares an uncanny resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s from his film Conan the Barbarian. We’ve even heard, like Arnie in the Conan series, Sallu too plays a sword-wielding, horse-riding gladiator in Veer with wild, long hair.

However what amused the most was seeing Arnold’s posters all across the city with ‘Veer’ written below it! A little investigation made us realize Arnie’s dubbed film in Hindi which has been released in the city is too known as Veer! “Salman’s Veer is more of a romantic tale, set in India. It’s a Hindi film so there can be no confusion about Arnold being in it and I don’t think people will have any confusion about the two films”, said Anil, director of Veer. Phew! What a confusion!

About Three Weeks HoneyMooon

Bollywood Actress Amirta Arora and Shakeel ladak they married recently and that marriage held three days continuously.After that they went to Europe for Honey moon, they spend three weeks in there.Thay seen all the tourist spots in Europe and they enjoyed a lot.

The couple can’t express their enjoyment in words.Now the Couple reached to Mumabai.

I am only just 23: Asin

Bollywood’s hot property Asin is 23 according to her family. “She is born on October 26, 1985,” says her dad Joseph Thottumkal. Well we got a bit confused on that age factor because there are websites where Asin’s birth-year is mentioned as much earlier.

Also the fact that Asin made her debut in the year 2001 when she was sweet 16, and a minor (not an offense for an actor?) is the reason why the mix up happened. Incidentally, Asin is being seriously considered for a lead opposite Ranbir Kapoor in a Siddharth Anand film, we hear.

Pavan Kalyan to drop out of films?

Will Yuva Rajyam president and film star Pavan Kalyan put a full stop to acting in films?

Well, that was the indication given by Pavan Kalyan himself. He said on Sunday that he had lost interest in films and he would dedicate his rest of life to serving the people through politics. This would mean, his yet-to-be released film “Puli” would be his last.

Why then did he take the decision? Is he so confident that the PRP would come to power and he would play an extra-constitutional role in the Chiranjeevi government? Or does he find more money and entertainment in politics than in films? Only Pavan can give the answer.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arundhati success boosts Namitha

If you are not sure what this link is then let us clear the air for you. We are talking about the success of the film ‘Arundhati’ and the delight that the voluptuous bombshell Namitha has got.

Apparently, this fleshy beauty is currently busy with the making of the film ‘Jaganmohini’ and it is heard that the film is being made extensively on computer graphics and good visual effects. With the kind of response Anushka’s movie has got, Namitha is hoping that even her movie would get the same response.

The film also has the multiplex hero Raja in the lead role while the beautiful navel heroine Meera Chopra is the other lead. With ‘Billa’ going for a toss, Namitha is said to be pinning her hopes on this one.

Farzana Determined

Farzaana, who enjoyed success with her debut film Bhagyalaxmi Bumper Draw, is back in Tollywood, and this time, she is determined that she would regain her top slot as the number one comedy heroine.

The actress has been out of action for some reasons in the last year or so, but now that is not going to be the case she asserts. Comedy films have always been her focus and she is trying to back into those shoes again.

There have been many actresses who have been trying to fill the position vacated by the actress, but Farzana says that she has some very interesting projects up her sleeve slated for release in the second half of 2009, and they would again catapult her to her original number one slot. One wishes the actress all the best in her endeavors.

Priyanka Chopra's new boyfriend

Shahid was looking for a new companion after his estrangement from Kareena. Priyanka was on the lookout for a boy friend after the fiasco with Harmain Baweja. So when these love loners were cast opposite each other in one of the films love immediately stuck. Today the open secret is that Priyanka Chopra is seeing Sahid Kapoor.

But if one were to ask Shahid or Priyanka they would deny the affair for obvious reasons. Both are ‘once bitten twice shy’ and don’t want to make a public display of their love. They are trudging cautiously and are keeping their love from the public glare.

We sure respect your privacy guys but you can’t keep hiding your love forever!!

Tempting Theertha in yet another steamy role

For all those who have seen the movie ‘Sontha Ooru’, the lead actress Theertha who made her debut oozed out her oomph as her role was that of a prostitute. Though it was her debut effort, Theertha had no qualms in going bold with her shapely body.

Now, there is news that she is all set to arrive with a new movie and it has been titled ‘Ee Vayasulo’. The film also has Sunny and Yamini who are making their debut. It is heard that Theertha has got a spicy role in this one too and as the title indicates, there seems to be some steam in this flick.

The truth will be known once the film hits the screens and let us hope Theertha is able to score a success with this one atleast.

Item Song For Malaika

Where has the 36-26-36 figure gone? The style Diva and fashion icon has managed to put on some flab around her buttocks and tummy. Now, one does not know if that is good for her or not, but she sure looks sexy and full.

All this flab around Malaika has some producers in Telugu industry feel much excited; they want to see her do an item number in a Telugu film. So excited is everyone that they have already seeking dates with the beauty.

One producer says that her figure size is correct now for doing an item number in Tollywood, she can really give Mumaith Khan a run for her money, he insists.

One hopes to see the beautiful lady in Telugu film one day. Whatever may Mallaika’s size be she will always sizzle.

Genelia's cover up act

Genelia wearing leather belt around her waist when she is in a sari! Is that a fashion statement or an effort to cover up a flabby belly? That’s for you to decide.

But those who saw the sweet lady at a fashion show with this fashion faux pas say that the belt on a sari is an undesirable accessory. We at Andhra Café also feel the same.

Genelia can we have you stand up and make up for this faux pas, we all expect to see you dressed more fashionably. What say guys?

The Item Girls Mother

Item girl of yester years Anuradha is a very caring mother, says Abhinaya Sree her daughter. The Hot Abhinaya Sree says that she has seen her mother as a very compassionate person.

Anuradha and Abinaya sree share a unique relationship and that is of a student and a teacher. Abhinaya sree says that she was always taught dance by her mother and Her mother took special care about her dancing.

Commenting on her mother’s love dogs the young item girl says that Anuradha is always taking care of street dogs and other animals in her area. Anuradha is so much in love with dogs that she has about 4-5 street dogs always at her door step whom she feeds always.

Abinaya Sree says she could only imbibe a part of her mother dancing skills, but none of her compassion for animals.

Rajini-Ash-Shankar’s Yanthram in action scenes

Rajainikanth, Aishwarya and Shankar’s magnum opus Robo (‘Endhiran’ in Tamil) is currently filming at Ramoji Film City. Although the makers are trying to keep the flick away from publicity, from the very beginning, the media always managed to get out with a little information.

The latest news from the sets of ‘Yanthram’ at RFC is, the unit is lavishly filming a crucial action sequence in the supervision of Peter Heins the action choreographer. The scenes are featuring Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Bachchan along with about 300 fighters.

Sources say Peter Heins is chiseling the sequences, to give it a look of Hollywood action movie.

Aishwarya is reported to have taken a short break from the schedule on Wednesday to visit recovering Mani Ratnam, who is hospitalized following a little uneasiness in breathing and dizziness.

Nagarjuna all praise for JrNTR

Nagarjuna has clearly stated that he favors no political outfit. He says that he likes certain policies of governments and he only praises them. He says he and his family appreciated the Janmabhoomi program of the TDP as much as the free power program of the present Government.

Nagarjuna was all praise for JrNTR who is working dedicatedly towards the win of the TDP. He says that he is amazed at the clarity of thought of the 25yr old actor. The Congress seems to be projecting Nagarjuna as their advocatory. But going by Nagarjuna’s own admission he is apolitical. He appreciates only policies, not governments and the people who rule these governments.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why Priyamani did bikini scene?

The hot buxom beauty Priyamani has been the National Award winner and many were stunned and in awe to see her draped in a bikini for the film ‘Drona’. Recently, the pretty starlet was asked as to why she made the decision and Priya responded that it was a conscious decision she took since she was keen on showcasing an unknown facet of her.

Her decision seems to have worked really well as she has now become the hottest property in Tollywood.
Her next movie is with none other than box office bonanza Nandamuri Balakrishna and the film is ‘Mitrudu’. The audio of the movie got released recently and has been getting a very good response from the music lovers.

Gibson’s Russian lover ‘caught’ topless on net

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson’s new Russian lover doesn’t shy away from stripping off onscreen. Some of the Internet videos shows pop singer Oksana Popchepa either topless or in school uniform throughout, reports the Sun. We are copying news from mazaaka. So please visit mazaaka site also.

The 24-year-old singer has been dubbed as Russia`s Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Pochepa has admitted she was the girl photographed frolicking with Gibson on a beach, and adds she has fallen for the actor.
She hopes their love is “strong and long-lasting”. “This is serious and I hope that our union will be real and strong and long-lasting,” said Pochepa.

Hot Navneeth Kour Maintains 36-28-34

She has been rated as one of the most luscious beauties in the Telugu circuit and she may not have scored a hit at the box office but she is surely a hot property among the movie makers. She is none other than the fair Punjabi beauty Navneeth Kour and the best thing about her is her figure.

Navneeth has often been known as the spiciest girl with a seductively hot body and has a strong following among the masses. Recently, she was seen at an audio release function and those who were present were in awe of her smoking hot figure and were wondering how she is maintaining that.

Meanwhile, inside sources say that Navneeth’s figure is 36-28-34 and she does enough workout to maintain that sexy shape. Let us hope that this figure is used to the best end on the screen and Navneeth manages few more offers so that it can give visual feast to the audience.

Sexy Girl gives Surprise to Tollywood

with in three months Namitha is going to give a big surprise to telugu audiance.Now She reduced eight kilos weight and another 15 to 20 kgs is going to reduce with in 3 months.

Now she is looking for slim figure before she was very happy with her figure but now she is very much caring her figure and diet to reduce the weight.Inside talk is she is facing obessity problems thats why she took the serious decession of her body

Married Lady In 2 Piece Bikini

Seeing married heroines on the screen has been a common thing for the Telugu audience and there was a time when heroines like Anjali Devi, Jamuna and others were very popular. Nowadays, it has become more of a surprise given the glamour aspect and also the skin show element.

So, here is one girl who got married recently and is burning the screens. She is none other than Amrita Arora and she is now the wife of Shakeel Ladak, the Hyderabad based businessman. Recently, Amrita Arora went on her honeymoon and she is back now in the heat of Mumbai.

Amrita has often been admired for her hot body and she has added that extra spice by oozing out her oomph despite being married. She is closely following the footsteps of her even hotter sister Malaika who is better known as the ‘Yummy Mummy’ of Bollywood.

Ek Niranjan film 3 crores sets for 50 days

Art director Chinna has designed a set and constructed it with a budget of 3 crores for Ek Niranjan film. This film sports Prabhas and Kangana Raunat in the main leads. Puri Jagan directs this movie on Aditya Ram Movies banner. Major part of Ek Niranjan film will be shot in this set for 50 days.

Kajol, SRK delay Karan Johar’s film

Director Karan Johar is now getting desperate. His film ‘My Name is Khan’ has now come to a grinding halt. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles. Karan completed one schedule of the film in New York after which the shooting had to be stopped as SRK underwent a surgery for shoulder injury.

Karan wanted to resume shooting for the film but Shah Rukh Khan is now busy with the IPL. He is now in South Africa with his team. So there is no way Karan can start shooting for the film till the IPL is over. It means Karan will have to cool his heels till the end of May.

Hot Sexy Queen’s Nosocomephobia

Nosocomephobia is nothing but fear of hospitals. The hot controversial sensation Neetu Chandra has that fear in her head. She revealed that freshly as she made a big hue and cry in a hospital. She suffered pain at her ribs (slightly fractured) and admitted in hospital. But she was not comfortable there and troubled everyone to shift her to home. She was lifted to home and now she is getting convalescence on her home bed.

Explaining the situation Neetu said, I was fractured at my ribs while playing basket ball but I don’t know about that. When I complained about the pain to my trainer he made me do extra exercises that turned situation worse. I was admitted to hospital but I have sickness to that place. My cousin was died after getting admitted in hospital and hence I have a phobia for hospital. Hence I was shifted to home.

Neetu is now busy with a couple of projects. She has to act in Jagmohan Mundra’s Apartment. She said, They are so kind enough to say that my health is more important than anything else.

Sexy Nayanatara opposite Ravi Teja

Nayanatara is now acting in a couple of films in Telugu including one opposite Jr. NTR. Nayanatara is still referred to as the bikini babe from Billa. She acted in the Tamil Billa with Ajit as hero. Nayanatara has now been signed up to pair opposite Ravi Teja in a new film.

The film will be directed by Parasuram of Yuvatha fame. Ganesh Babu is the producer. The film has been titled as ‘Anjaneuylu’ and it will go into regular shooting from April 20.

IPL-II Starts Today : Sachin’s Mumbai take on Dhoni’s Chennai

They are easily the biggest icons of Indian cricket. If one has been the inspirational leader, the other has been the supreme performer, and the two have taken Team India from strength to strength over the past couple of years.

And Mahendra Singh Dhoni would be the first to acknowledge that his success as Team India captain has had a lot to do with Tendulkar’s performances.

Now Dhoni, leading Team Chennai, has to face the wrath of the Little Master, when they take on Mumbai Indians in the opener of IPL 2 in the far-off shores of the Atlantic — the picturesque Newlands in Cape Town.

What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that Tendulkar has already announced that he won’t play international T20 cricket while Dhoni had proved himself as a skipper for the first time in South Africa two years back, leading India to the World T20 triumph.

T20 is easily Dhoni’s bastion and if Tendulkar can inspire his team to a win against Team Chennai, the Little Master can afford a quiet smile of satisfaction.

And Tendulkar has got all the ammunition in the world to turn the heat on last year’s runners-up. A supreme opening partner in Sanath Jayasuriya, a solid middle-order led by the stylish South African batsman JP Duminy, and a decent pace-attack led by the in-form Zaheer Khan. All that has created a buzz around the Mumbai Indians.

It’s likely that allrounder Dwayne Bravo and medium-pacer Kyle Mills will fill up the other two foreigner’s slot in the Mumbai outfit.

But if Mumbai are blessed with balance, so are Team Chennai. Matthew Hayden’s retirement from international cricket has come as a big boon for Dhoni’s men and the burly Aussie has to play a huge role at the top of the order if Chennai are to do well in South African conditions.

Hayden knows all about playing on these tracks and it’s pretty obvious that the Chennai top-order will look to play around him.

Another trump-card for Dhoni is Andrew Flintoff, provided he is 100 per cent fit. The England allrounder is available only for a couple of weeks and Chennai will expect to get the best out of him in this period.

Flintoff, of course, will be backed by another superb all-rounder in Albie Morkel, who is in great touch at the moment.

The duo will lead the Chennai bowling attack as well, but it’ll be interesting to see how well they’re backed up by the likes of Lakshmipathy Balaji and MS Gony.

Dhoni also has the guile of Muttiah Muralitharan to fall back upon, but it’s to be seen whether he is able to work his magic in the shortest format of the game in South African conditions.

Asin bags International Tamil Film Awards

She is the biggest sensation down south and her Bollywood debut will go down in history as one of the biggest and most successful films ever. She is none other than Asin Thottumkal.

This lass after making her Hindi film debut with Ghajini opposite Aamir Khan, has been in news for all the right reasons. And now adding another feather to her hat is her latest achievement of getting the Best Actress award for her role in Kamal Hassan’s Tamil film Dasavatharam by the Singapore-based International Tamil Film Awards (ITFA).

The ITFA, which recognizes the contribution of film personalities and actors towards Tamil cinema on an international scale, will present the award to Asin at a ceremony which will be held on May 16 in Singapore.

Rana Leader Stills Leaked?

Daggubati Rana’s debut movie ‘Leader’ is now in making and inside sources say that it will be on the lines of ‘Yuva’. Rana’s role will be a mixture of both Siddartha and Surya in Yuva, say close sources. The still given here is from the film ‘Leader’ where Rana performed in a hospital scene with an injury.

As per the sources, interesting news is that Daggubati Abhiram, the second son of Daggubati Suresh is also debuting as hero in the year 2010. So, the coming two years are going to be launch pads for young stars from the legacy of Movie Moghul Dr D Ramanaidu.

Friday, April 17, 2009

John angry with media over Bips

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have been going steady for many years now. They are quite happy together and are in no hurry whatsoever to enter wedlock. John and Bipasha are busy professionals and have their own individual commitments but had enough confidence in each other and this has kept their relationship strong and going all these years. John is angry with the media for all the time asking Bipasha abut her marriage plans.

Agreed Bipasha is now 30 and it is only natural that things like marriage are uppermost in people’s minds at this age. But Bipasha has her own priorities and says that marriage can wait. She is tired and sick of answering questions about her marriage all the time.
Johan says that the media is being too intrusive.

He says that when they two are happy in their present situation and enjoying each other’s company; marriage is not a top priority. John says that he is there for Bipasha and he knows that she is there for me. What more security does one need?

Anushka unhappy with ‘unwanted attention’

The long legged sexy yoga teacher turned actress Anushka is now a big name after the stupendous success of Arundathi. The film was dubbed into Tamil and released recently. The Tamil version too has done reasonably well at the box office. Anushka is now acting in a Tamil film titled ‘Vettaikaran’.

She is being mobbed by the fans as well as top industry people. Anushka is now being allowed to spend even a minute alone in her hotel room. She is getting one visitor after another, all male of course. They all want to spend some time in her company. Anushka is so fed up with this that she is reported to have resolved not to sign up for another film in Kollywood.

Lakshmi Rai going to South Africa

The hot beauty from down south, Lakshmi Rai is known to be always in the thick of things. She is in the news for most of the time not exactly for the right reasons though. The IPL is now set to commence from April 18. The matches are now being held in South Africa. Lakshmi Rai is expected to fly to South Africa shortly.

She is fond of cricket and cricketers and has been linked with captain Dhoni earlier. Lakshmi Rai is sure to send up the Adrenalin flowing in many a cricketer. Many more films stars are expected to grace the tournament.
Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta will naturally be present to cheer and motivate respective teams.

Dhoni’s girl shifts base to Mumbai

Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s girlfriend, Laxmi Rai, a popular South actress, has relocated from Chennai to Mumbai. No, Dhoni has no hand in this shift of location; it’s Laxmi’s promising Bollywood career, which did the trick. Laxmi’s link-up with Dhoni came to light last December and since then she has been flooded with offers from Bollywood. Three days ago, when Dhoni was in Mumbai to shoot for a commercial, they had dinner at a suburban hotel. However, Laxmi prefers to call Dhoni only a friend and does not give him the full credit for getting recognition in Bollywood. She said, “Yes, people got to know me because of the link-up but it was a magazine cover that gave me a chance in Bollywood.”

Elaborating on what caused her to shift base, Laxmi said, “I was living in Chennai and would come down to Mumbai whenever there was a work opportunity. However, in the last few months, the offers have gone up, so I have shifted base to Mumbai.” Laxmi has apparently been approached by Tips and Yash Raj films but may not be able to do the film because of the exclusive contracts they want her to sign. However, the actress refused to confirm the news. Laxmi said, “A lot of big banners have approached me and you will hear an announcement from their side very soon but at this stage, I cannot reveal any information.”

Actress ready to please men for money

It is said that this gorgeous looking babe, who was hit with Visa scam a year ago is ready to do anything in order to meet her expenses. Of late, a gossip is doing rounds is that a well known film producer who was involved in criminal case in the past has asked this actress to sleep with him and the pretty girl has accepted his demand on conditions.

The first condition was that the producer must give small role to her in his mega budget movie, while the second condition was that she has to be paid a whopping sum which includes payments of her financial dues to a bank, sources said. This girl has done a beach photo shoot recently in a red dress which reveals her inner garments.

Tamannah says no to Vishal

After Trisha politely turned down an offer to act opposite Vishal in his next movie Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai that has three heroines. The next choice for the role was Tamannah. However, it is reported that Tamannah was also not too keen on taking up this role too. According to sources close to the actress, she is ready to be cast opposite Vishal but had reservations, as there were two other heroines in the movie.

She felt that this might not boost her career too much at a time when she is paired opposite top actors like Suriya. The film’s crew is still on the lookout for the third heroine, the other two names that have been almost finalised are Reema Sen and Tanushree. Earlier she said no to Mahesh Babu’s Varudu on the same grounds.

Dress code troubles Nayan at the temple

Nayanthara’s love for temples is well known. She makes it a point to visit all the famous temples near her locations. On 15th April, Nayan went for a ‘Darsan’ at the Mannaserry Killikavu Temple near Ottapalam, in Kerala. It is a Bhagavathy (Amman) temple, where women should wear Sari before entering the temple premises.

Poor Nayan did not realize it and went to the temple wearing a Salwar-Kameez. After praying at the temple, the temple authorities and locals got into an argument with her, over her dress code which became a slanging match. Soon better sense prevailed and Nayan apologized to the temple authorities and the matter was amicably settled.

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