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Bips sizzles with Dhoni

Bips sizzles with Dhoni - Bollywood1

For the first time ever, Reebok brand ambassadors, MS Dhoni and Bipasha Basu come together in a TV commercial showcasing the latest edition of footwear from Reebok and sizzle the small screen with their never-seen-before chemistry.

Sanjana signs a Kannada flick

The hot and sexy Sanjana who is known for her appeal is now gearing up to give some sleepless nights to the Kannada audience. There is news that she has been signed in for a new movie titled ‘Sloka’ and Sanjana would be playing the title role.

This is slated to be a suspense thriller and Sanjana is flanked by two heroes both of whom are making their debut. The film is being directed by Mahindra who is supposed to be from the IT field but has come to the film circuit.

‘Sloka’ will be formally launched on the 12th of June and the shooting will commence right from the next day onwards. Sanjana from her end is all excited about this new venture.

Good luck for this Sanjana.

Hot Hansika reveals her desire

She is known as the apple pie beauty of the Telugu circuit and though she hails from Bollywood she has managed to score three back to back hits with her movies here.

She is none other than Hansika Motwani and recently she was sharing her thoughts. The pretty girl said that her long standing desire is to pair up with none other than prince Mahesh Babu and sources close to her reveal that she is willing to go ahead and do atleast an item number with him.

For now, Hansika is busy with her movie assignments and so is Mahesh but let us hope that the prince is reading this and he will fulfill her dream someday.

‘Ek Niranjan’ to be wrapped up in single schedul

It is known news that the young rebel star Prabhas has teamed up with the crazy success director Puri Jagannadh and is currently busy with the shooting of their new movie ‘Ek Niranjan’.

The shooting has been progressing briskly and now there is news that this is going to be a single schedule movie which is being targeted for completion by the month of July.

Prabhas is pairing up with the Bollywood sizzler Kangana Ranaut in this one and the film is being produced by Aditya Ram.

While the genre of the film is not known, some say that this is going to be a typical whole hearted entertainer and it will also have the commercial elements in a trademark Puri style

I Have 8 Different Getups Vikram Interview

Vikram, popularly known as Cheeyan Vikram, is a care of address for spellbinding performance.In his exclusive talk with he has shared his feelings on various aspects. He is shortly hitting screen with the film 'Mallanna' (Kandasamy in Tamil). Let us go through what he said.

Tell us about the movie and it’s highlights?

My character is a super hero character. Speaking on the whole, the film delivers a wonderful message and is delivered beautifully, stylishly, extravagantly and musically with wonderful stunts and this is the biggest film that I’ve done till date. The concept is very interesting and is unlike the seriousness associated with a message oriented film. The packaging is just beautiful. It’s an interesting role, all the girls will like my character, and all the boys will like Shriya’s character.

The film’s a total family entertainer as there is nothing by the way of obscenity and the fine balance between glamour and obscenity is well maintained throughout the film. The kids are gonna love the super hero character. We want all the kids to go watch the film, as we are sure they will love the superhero character. Coming to the songs, they are totally different unlike the routine Item number or remix number or a romance duet. The songs are in a different category and are very peppy numbers. I always say that Devi is full of positive energy and the songs totally reflect that energy and you will find them very interesting.

How was the whole experience?

The entire unit was close knit and whenever we had time, we were always laughing by cracking jokes at each other and that great mood reflects in the mood of the movie. All the new experiences during the shooting of the film are great and right from the day I heard the story, we never felt for a bit that we were part of a big project; rather we concentrated on the thought, the effort, and the energy that went into the film.

The song’s are a huge hit in Tamil and are soon catching up in Andhra and turning out to a big hit here too. Everyone was surprised about the songs and they couldn’t believe that the songs have turned out be really good. People call up, say that the songs are so different, and are so nice. ‘Idani dupani’ is such a wonderful hit, someone said that ‘mahaboobani’ is damn good while someone else says that the ‘dsp’ song is damn good but I wasn’t surprised at the response because the moment I listened to the songs I knew they were going to be big hit.

How about your singing experience in Telugu?

Well I found that all you guys in Andhra are relaxing especially with the Deccan Chargers winning the IPL and I somehow wanted to torture you people. So (laughs all around) I went ahead with the singing. But coming to my style, I think it’s a bit different for example take the case of Udit Narayan. He isn’t fluent in Tamil or Telugu but his tone while singing Tamil or Telugu numbers resembles an interesting style.

Music Director Devi:

Soon after recording in Tamil, we were very adamant on Vikram sir singing the songs as we felt that the texture of his voice very much suited the songs. It was as if the songs were made for his voice and his voice was made for the songs. So we couldn’t imagine anyone else singing the songs and that’s the reason why both me and the director were very stubborn on him singing the songs in Telugu. But Vikram was very apprehensive and we had to convince him by reminding him about his great voice not to worry about mistakes and that people won’t really feel bad about it. Therefore, we virtually dragged him into this. Importantly when it came to Telugu, He was very busy shooting for Mani Ratnam’s film and we had to take a special one day permission from the shooting. Just at our insistence, he came down for us and sung all four Telugu songs in just one day.

How did the song recording go?

Music Director Devi: Each song has a different texture to it for example ‘Mambo maa miya’ that goes from a high pitch to a low range and he is one singer that is gifted with that versatility and that is a rare gift I mean only great singers like Balu Garu and the likes possess it. We were frankly shocked at his tone range and that only made our resolve to make him sing firmer. So we firmed up our resolve and took one day permission and came down from our shooting locale in Calcutta. I should also mention the amount of hard work that he put into his work. Even though his pronunciation was correct, he was so particular about it and wanted to make everything sound just perfect. We used to joke that he was so tense in preparing for the song that it resembles a student taking his public exams for the first time. We thoroughly enjoyed the recording session.

That day he also had to take some interviews plus recording and frankly, we were a bit skeptical about the recording process being completed within schedule, as we had to divide our time between press meets. But we were amazed at his energy levels and everyone says that Devi is full of energy but I felt that I should borrow some energy from him. When we went inside, he was still reciting while Sahiti was still making some last minute adjustments to the lyrics as we were looking to make them more interesting. But he was holding the paper and slept while reciting the songs. We kind of you know felt bad to wake him up, as we know the amount of hard work that he was putting in. but he woke up immediately, had a green tea and was ready for the grueling session ahead. I think in spite of being a big star that’s his greatness and his biggest asset. He is fully concentrated on the work at hand weather it is his singing, his acting or even at making fun when all three of us were travelling together. He drive for perfection is just amazing.

your preparations for portraying the character?

well the character resembles that of a James bond character. He is a CBI officer. I haven’t done any home work for this particular role like observing the characteristics. For example take the case of Siva Puturdu it’s a different role and I had worked together with the director and provided some of my inputs but we’ve never observed a real life character of the role. Same is the case with Aparichitudu I have read about the psychological characteristics of a person affected with that particular diagnosis but we’ve never observed an affected real life person. Nevertheless, for the first time I have observed the characterization of a particular person for this movie. I have watched James Bond movies, the character’s portrayal by Pierce Brosnan- his style, his emotions and the likes. likewise, for this superhero character, which has to portray some hen like behavior, I observed a rooster that I have got at my home for ten days. And let me tell you that I have never observed people for a character but for this role I had to observe a rooster and so this is my home work. That observation basically gave me ideas about its behavior, its movements and the likes and that I used for the movements in a fight that was to resemble the behavior of a chicken.

what about the Characterizations?

The characterizations are totally different and they enjoy great variation. The main thing that one will observe is that the characters are very stylish. Normally people don’t shop around the world for costumes unlike they do for location hunting. We shopped around the globe from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, New York and Italy.

These costumes were custom made and took about three months to make. Even the head gear was imported from Italy as well. We wanted to leave our mark for the super hero character and wanted the superhero to have a south Indian flavor. We also took care to represent the entire south not just Tamil for example take the case of a ‘Dhothi’ it’s very Tamil but take the case of a ‘Panca’, which more or less represents the entire south. These again are subtle differences but we wanted to make the character more suited to the southern style and as such took no chances.

Tell us about the promotion of the film?

We did lots of homework but finally were able to come up with a great movie. The whole movie, be it with the songs, the fights, the publicity or even for the trailer we took great care and tried to leave a mark. For example, just for the audio release function we had around 100 dancers from Italy. Shriya, Devi and Mumaith Khan danced at that function while I sang.

This is the first of its kind for an audio function in the country. Now I don’t know what’s lined up for the release but I think they ll definitely come up with something great. Overall, we came up with a great film and the happiest thing is that the audio’s been such a big hit and I liked all the songs including ‘Miyao Miyao’ but obviously, my personal favorite is ‘Mambo mami’. The audio gave me a great personal satisfaction of having sung in a great album. As they say, the audio makes up for 25% of the film’s success. So It’s a good start let’s see.

In how many getups have you appeared in the film?

It’s not the number of getups in the film that matter. They may be 5, may be 25 but I like to say that they are different looks rather than getups. But the importance is not for the getups it’s for our handling of the subject I think the getups just add spice. Overall, I guess that there are about 8 different getups in the movie.

When will the film be released?

Actually the film will be released by June/July or latest by August. The shooting was completed around six months ago. Right now special effects and computer graphics are underway. I have seen some of those DI tests and its just beautiful. Again, this is the first time that somebody is doing it and these things will take some time. So it will be June/July.

Sensuous Sneha turns strong

She is known as the sensuous beauty of the Telugu circuit and true to her image, she has been the hottest favorite for doing homely roles.

But now, all that seems to have gone down to a different path and the person we are talking about is none other than Sneha. This homely beauty is currently busy with her new movie ‘Bhavani IPS’ and this time, she will be seen doing some risky stunts and beating the bulbs out of the baddies.

There is news that Sneha has shed a lot of weight and flab and has got a rather tough and strong look. She is also said to have done few risky stunts in the movie and she hopes that all her efforts get converted into a good hit.

Her Navel Is The Eye For Sex Appeal

They say that the best appeal for a woman lies in her navel and those who have the sexiest navel tend to rule the roost in the world of men. This holds good for the film heroines who tend to do a lot of navel show and they have a major following just with the jiggle of their navel.

One girl who has been tempting many has been the long legged and sexy navel beauty Lakshmi Rai and though her movie have not made much mark, her stories off the screen have definitely made her famous. The hottest among them happens to be the gossip about her link up with Indian cricket team captain M S Dhoni.

Those who have worked with Lakshmi confess that she indeed has a luscious navel and her sex appeal lies in it. Also, she has that voluptuous figure with long legs which makes her even more desirable so let us hope that all this glamour helps her in scoring success at the box office too.

Sexy Bipasha Basu

We must say that all those gymming sessions of Bipasha's are clearly showing marvelous results! With her superbly toned body, Bips is certainly ready to give Bollywood actresses a 'run' for their money.

Sania's engagement likely on July 10

Sania’s engagement to Sohrab would most certainly be on July 10 as the prestigious Wimbledon Open in which she would be playing next month would be over, said sources.

Apart from leaving many a fans’ heart broken with her choice to enter matrimony while she is still in the prime of her tennis career, what has left everyone wondering is what will happen to her tennis career, which she has got a lot left.

The reason for the big question being raised is: She is just 22 and her hubby to be is 23. Even considering their conservative background, it’s unlikely that the couple would go in for addition to their team in terms of having children. So, what’s tennis got to do with it?

“I would say she is in the middle of her career. She can continue to play good tennis for about five to six years. And as long as she is on the circuit she would also continue to endorse brands and make millions. If she gets married soon, she would have two choices. She can take off from the game for a month or two and return to the game. If she decides to plan family she can suspend playing for a year or so, and return. That’s what some tennis players have done in the past. But we should keep in mind that Indian tennis players, especially women, do not have the stamina to play beyond 30 years of age. They call it a day by the age of 26 or 27 years because of physical limitations,” an expert elaborated the choices before Sania.

Now, for those interested in the off the court and more spicy, marriage related news, the choice of the venue for the engagement is between the famous Chowmohalla Palace, the seat of the Nizams or Taj Krishna, Hyderabad’s famous 5 star hotel, owned by the GVK group which has been Sania’s sponsor from day one.

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Ash-Kareena patch up?

Director Karan Johar's birthday bash turned out to be an occasion for a grand reunion between Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor. The two giggled and danced together, ending the long-standing cold war between the Bachchan and the Kapoor families.

Komaram Puli goes to Bangkok

Pavan Kalyan- is starring as hero in the upcoming movie Komaram Puli is back to action after polls, next schedule of the movie going to be shot in Bangkok for 45 days, starting June 15. S.J. Suryah, who gave the blockbuster Khushi in the past, is directing the film, while Oscar-winning A.R. Rahman scores music of the movie.

SRK not a part of Dhoom 3: Yash Raj Films

The grapevine has been abuzz with news that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will play the villain in Yash Raj Films’ (YRF) action-adventure series Dhoom 3 but a source from the production company has denied any such development.

"This story is completely untrue and baseless. We have no idea where this rubbish originated but like all wildfires has spread rapidly," said Rafiq Gangjee, Vice President (marketing and communications) of YRF.

The rumours that Shah Rukh would soon follow in the footsteps of Hrithik Roshan by playing a villain opposite actor Abhishek Bachchan in the Dhoom series began when British news website first reported it.

According to the article which was published on May 26, a source was quoted as saying: "Shah Rukh had been approached by the banner to play the main villain in the most successful franchise of Bollywood - the Dhoom series - and he has immediately given the nod. Last few days there has been a lot of buzz that Saif Ali Khan has signed the dotted line for the same role but it seems they were just plain rumours." .

Eenadu - Getting ready for July release

National Actor Kamal Hassan - Venkatesh together are starring for the movie titled ’Eenadu’ which is presently getting canned in Ramoji Film City has completed major part of shooting is getting ready for release during July. This is the movie that was super hit in Hindi as ’ A Wednesday’. This movie is getting ready for release during July

Chitra Singh’s daughter commits suicide

Famous Ghazal singer Chitra Singh’s daughter allegedly committed suicide at her residence in suburban Bandra, police said today.

"Monica Chowdhary, daughter of Chitra Singh, committed suicide by hanging herself on Thursday night at her residence in Perry Cross Road in suburban Bandra," said Deputy Commissioner of Police Niket Kaushik.

Chowdhary’s body was found by her son this morning, Kaushik said adding that the body has been sent for medical examinations to the Bhabha hospital.

Sexy Actress Met With Road Accident

This is Mugdha Godse, the buzzword in Mumbai fashion world. She is known as the sexy figure that can result in road accidents as many men shift their attention from signals to sex appeal of this lady. But a few days ago this sexy queen was met with a road accident on Mumbai-Pune express highway and left her car in mess. Now she is about to get a new car. This busy model turned actress is in Mumbai news with this accident sequence.

People Calling Her 'Sexy Dark Namitha'

The name of Namitha does not require any introduction and craze for this voluptuous and heavy duty beauty is big time. So much so, those fans in Tamilnadu have already built a temple for Namitha and do pooja for her. Now, there seems to be a darker version for this fair fleshy beauty.

It is being said that the ‘Happy Days’ girl Sonia who scored a hit with her movie ‘Vinayakudu’ is slowly emerging to be on the lines of Namitha. She has been putting on some pounds of flesh and her voluptuous figure is being deemed by many as the ‘Sexy dark Namitha’.

Recently, the stills of Sonia’s forthcoming venture were released and apart from the noodle hair, her heavy duty figure has also caught the attention. But then it worked for Namitha so it is not sure that it will work for Sonia too. Only time will tell if she is indeed the sexy dark Namitha or not.

Hot Aunty Tempting Teenagers Too

The fascination for aunties on screen has been quite high among the youth audience but then the usual theory is once a heroine crosses 30, she reaches the label of aunty. However, here is one beauty that will be touching 35 next month but still has enough oomph in her to make teenagers go mad.

She is none other than the svelte beauty Shilpa Shetty and she has become the cause of jealousy for many other ladies of her age. Shilpa has been maintaining her curves in a perfect way and recently she hit the nail when she appeared on the cover page of Vogue magazine revealing her slender figure.

Shilpa is likely to get married this year so the question among many is whether she will continue acting or if she does not, will she atleast take care of her figure like she is doing right now. For the time being, this ‘aunty’ has been making the teenagers go mad with her oomph and looks.

Sneha quitting movies?

Now this news should surprise anyone. Even if you are not a great fan of Sneha, you might not dislike her. She has the charming smile and homely looks to make others like her.

However the rumors are on that she might quit movies in a year or so. The reason seems that even though she has acted in many movies with good performances, she has not got recognition.

Meanwhile she is acting in a Tamil flick “Bhavani IPS” which is the remake of yesteryear Vijayashanthi hit “Vijayanthi IPS”.

We hope that her jump into an action movie does well for her and she continues to act in movies for the sake of her fans.

Pista Review : No Freshness At All

Film: Pista
Banner: GK Film Corporation
Rating: 2/5

Cast: Vishal, Shriya, Kishore, Prakash Raj, Geetha, Tanikella Bharani, Shayaji Shinde, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Srinivas Reddy etc
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram
Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti
Action: Rocky Rajesh
Art: Velu-Prakash
Editing: VT Vijayan
Camera: Priyan
Producer: Vikram Krishna
Music: Mani Sharma
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Sabha Ayyappan
Released On: 29th May 2009

The much hyped ‘Pista’ that has been making rounds in big way in media circles has finally released today. Let us see how far the film stood up to expectations

Murali Krishna (Vishal), rough and tough young man from the village Ramachandrapuram comes to Vizag in search of his elder brother who runs away from home in childhood.

His wish is to make his mother happy by bringing back her elder son. In the process, he happens to develop a tug with two gangsters Guru (Kishore) and Surya Prakash (Prakash Raj).

The typical action drama continues till the last and if Murali Krishna found his brother has to be watched on screen. It is not something special to say that Indu (Shriya) is the lady love for Murali Krishna and there is nothing big to portray for her other than this.

Vishal with his rugged look once again portrayed in mass action flick. All his histrionics, the choice of subject, the way he presented himself looked obsolete. His voice base and punch while delivering heavy dialogues are to be improved. Vishal needs to try something new to make a stride. For him the action film/mass flick happens to be just a few fights, songs and heavy packed climax. He has to come out from that shell and try for newness.

Shriya has shown enough of oomph and that worked well on screen.

Prakash Raj is at his best as a gangster. He justified his role. Kishore as another gangster is also ok. Ali’s comedy is good but Krishna Bhagawan failed to spill laughs with his weak track. Tanikella Bharani, the senior artiste with good √©lan, has diminished himself as a side kick for villain. He wouldn’t have zeroed in on that not-so-prominent role.

Action episodes are also outdated. Music is just average. The film is lacking freshness and the director is solely responsible for that. The production values are good but the subject matter is weak.

It appears to be a dubbed version with first look, watching Vishal on screen, but since it’s bilingual, the nativity is not missed in many frames. All the songs except ‘Pattuko Pattuko…’ were shot with Telugu lyrics and majority of scenes were also canned in Telugu that brought a perfect lip sync of artistes. The padding artistes also brought nativity feel for audiences.

First half of the film runs with time pass scenes and there will be no big movement in story line. The real story begins only with interval twist and second half. The conclusion is as expected and hence the last 15 minutes will not be that exciting for audiences.

The plight of this film depends on the patronage of mass audiences and the posters with glamorous Shriya may help to some extent. The film may run only with artificial boost up and heavy publicity but not with material in it.

Warning Bells For Arthi Agarwal's Husband

The sweet looking Arthi Agarwal who was once ruling the roost got married sometime back and just when everyone thought that she was off the hook, Arthi has now made a comeback. However, there seems to be few eyebrows rising with the venture she has chosen for her comeback.

Apparently, Arthi Agarwal will be seen in Posani Murali Krishna's next movie and he will be paired with the pretty girl in this one. It will be a family oriented subject and it is said to be on the lines of Pavithra Bandham. Given Posani’s approach towards film making, this comes as a surprise.

Those who have heard this are reminding of Satya Krishna whose graphs literally crashed to the ground after she came in ‘Mental Krishna’. So it is being said that Arthi’s husband is a bit concerned about how things are going to take shape involving in the Posani venture.

Current'Passes Through Pista

The film ‘Pista’ has released and the result is out. The film has not been able to impress all sets of audience but then it is said that Shriya has done enough to catch the attention. Meanwhile, those who are going to watch the film are getting an added bonus.

It is said that the trailers of the film ‘Current’ starring Sushant and Sneha Ullal are being shown in many theatres where ‘Pista’ released. Usually, the trailers culture is not high in the Telugu circuit unlike the Bollywood or Hollywood so whenever there is one coming, the audience watches it with great interest.

‘Current’ is slated for release next month and those who have seen the trailers say that the film has raised some curiosity. Let us hope that the voltage is active even after the movie hits the screens and the bulbs of success shine at the box office for Sushant and Sneha.

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Katrina and her men

Since Salman and Katrina have announced their breakup, here’s a look at some of Katrina’s on-screen men who she’d look good with.Rumour has it that Salman Khan was bothered by how compatible Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif looked on screen. Akki also made no secret of the fact that he wanted Katrina and only her to star opposite him in movies, since she proved to be something of a good-luck charm for him.

Lakshmi Rai expresses love with hot kiss

According to industry insiders there is a hot liplock scene is between Lakshmi Rai and Daniel Balaji in teir upcoming Tamil film. A source from the editing team also vouches for this and asserts that the scene will be screened as it is. “There is a song which is filmed on Lakshmi Rai and Daniel, there is a lot of intense emotion in this song.

You can’t term it as a lip lock it’s more like a light brush of the lips which depicts the depth of their love.We shot the scene only after getting a go ahead from Lakshmi,” said a source from the unit.

Mallika Sherawat’s Twittering tale

Mallika Sherawat cannot stay away from making headlines. After she made heads turn with a Milkshake being named after her, the sexy actress is back in news! The actress has found a great way to socialize with her fans. And with the current trend, Mallika has too singed herself on a social networking website.

Mallika has chosen Twitter to stay connected with her fans and admires. Twitter is more popular amongst Hollywood stars, but then with ‘Hisss’ gearing up for a release, Mallika’s become a Hollywood entity too! Buzz is that Mallika Sherawat took classes to get net savvier

Sania to marry Hyderabad boy

It's a love game that India's tennis sensation Sania Mirza is racing away with, leaving countless young men with that sinking feeling. She may be out of the French Open singles but her doubles challenge, in ways more than one, is steaming ahead. For, according to a family source, Sania's betrothal to a Hyderabadi boy, Sohrab Mirza, has just been arranged.

For those looking for spice in the hows and whys, here's a dampener: There have been no quiet dates and ``we are just good friends'' statements. As the story goes, the families of Sania and Sohrab have been friends for years. They discussed the proposal some time back and agreed, the source said.

And before one says `Sohrab who?' here goes: he is the son of Adil Mirza and Noora Begum, owners of the Universal Bakers chain in the city, which is popular with the hip set. Sohrab, 23, is a year older than Sania. After a B Com from St Mary's College, he took admission in a British university for an MBA. He is expected to fly to UK soon.

Adil's father, Samad Shakebai, better known as Samad Seth, is an Iranian businessman. Early in his career in Hyderabad, he was a caterer to Prince Azam Jah, the eldest son of the last Nizam. He married into Hyderabadi nobility - Shaheda Begum. While Seth set up restaurants, Begum was involved in social work, essentially girls' education. They have three sons - Kamran, Nariman and Adil, and a daughter. The family is now into real estate business.

``The marriage date has not been fixed. Sania wishes to continue playing for some more time while the boy is still studying. It might take some time before the families agree on a date,'' the source said.

A good thing about this match is that Sania will still retain her surname. It's advantage Mirza.

Hottest Sexy Babe's Heat In Karnataka

She is known as one of the most naturally seductive babes the southern circuit has seen and though the Tollywood circle has not given her due importance, she has surely shown her ‘material’ in the Kannada circuit. She is none other than the north Indian beauty Nikita Thukral.

Last seen in the movie ‘Anasuya’, Nikita is currently the hottest cake in the Kannada circuit and recently she was seen in the film ‘Dubai Babu’ alongside the Kannada superstar Upendra. Though the film has been getting mixed responses, Nikita is said to have stolen the hearts of many.

Those who have seen her are saying that Nikita has been generating solid heat waves with her oomph and sex appeal. No one can forget her item song in the movie ‘Saroja’ where Nikita showed how lust and passion can be aroused even by wearing a Sari and not exposing much.

Ileana jacks up rate to 1.5 crore

The sexy hour glass figure from Goa, Ileana is now once again in big demand in Tollywood. She now looks much better after putting on some weight. Ileana used to charge around one crore till now. However after the success of Ravi Teja starrer Kick her demand has shot up considerably.

Ileana is now asking for 1.5 crore per film. She is reported to have asked for this amount to act in the Manchu Manoj starrer film to be directed by K Ragahvendra Rao. Mohan Babu is the producer. The film is expected to go on to the sets shortly.

Mallanna story

The Vikram starrrer Mallanna is raising a lot of expectations among the people. The film has been in the making for over a year now. The big budget film is produced by Kalaipuli Thanu and directed by Susi Ganeshan.

The film is about a Robin Hood type character played by hero Vikram. The people write heir grievances on a piece of paper and tie it to a Banyan tree in the temple. The hero reads the letters and promptly addresses their problems in his own unique style. He is assisted in this by the heroine played by Shreya.

Vikram will appear in eight different getups including that of a woman. He has also sung four songs in the film. Devi Sree Prasads music is already creating a buzz in the market. The film is now all set for release in June.

Shah Rukh says sorry Ash

It’s time to kiss and make up in Bollywood, according to reports Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan has patched up with the Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya Rai.

The buzz is that Shah Rukh and Ash became freinds at producer - director Karan Johar’s birthday party recently. The two had not been on talking terms since Chalte Chalte days as SRK had picked Rani Mukherjee over Ash for his home production . Their relationship was further damaged when SRK was not invited to Ash-Abhi s wedding.

At Katrina’s birthday bash last year it was SRK’s comments on Ash that ended the SRK and Salman Khan friendship . The Bachchan family had cut all ties with SRK.

Apparently, Shah Rukh went ahead and said sorry to Ash, she was with her husband Abhishek Bachchan.

A guest at the pary has said that it was SRK who began the conversation and told Ash that he owes an apology to her because he had wronged her.

After this incident the Bachchans and Khans (SRK with his wife Gauri) danced and chatted the entire night.

Shriya's 'Experience' With Himalayan Monk!!!

The sizzling beauty Shriya might be a bombshell on the screen but off it, she is very much a ‘meditating’ person. Recently, she was in Pondy for a meditation camp and felt completely recharged. Shriya says she has an interesting story to recall about this.

Apparently, she had met a monk at a temple in Himalayas and expressed her interest in meditation. The monk gave her the procedure and also suggested that she must buy beads from the market. However, on the next day she was given the meditating beads by a stranger who was also a monk and he mentioned that beads must not be bought but they should be given.

Shriya was overwhelmed and took the beads and since then there has been no turning back. After having mediated at Matrimandir in Pondy, Shriya says it has been the most magical and satisfying experiences of her life. Now that’s one set combo of sizzling sex appeal and serene spirituality folks.

Saif and Vivek arrested in New York

Saif Ali Khan and Vivek Oberoi ran into trouble with some policemen while shooting in New York. Both the actors were almost arrested while shooting for the film. A source said, "Vivek and Saif were shooting in a hilly region in New York. It was a scene where both the actors had to drive a car and the camera was placed quite far as it was a long shot. The actors kept driving for a long time as they were required to give various takes as the scene was being shot from several angles. However, the locals, who had no clue that a film shoot was on, started getting suspicious when they saw the two Indians driving around aimlessly. They wasted no time in calling the cops who immediately came and started questioning Vivek and Saif.”

Vivek and Saif told the policemen they were actors from India and were shooting for a film. However, the cops refused to believe them. Much to the frustration of the two actors, the cops flatly refused to believe that a shooting was on as there were no crew member or camera nearby. “Even though the production team saw what was happening on their monitors, and one of them immediately rushed to help, it took him a good 10 minutes before he could reach the actors. By then the cops had almost arrested them on suspicion and were all set to take them to the police station. However, the unit member rescued the actors in the nick of time. The cops only let them go after all the necessary documents were shown,” added the source.

Asin is her real name

Asin is the sexy Malluwood babe who shot to fame in a sort span of time. Sin first made a mark in Tamil and then in Telugu. She became a big name after the stupendous success of the Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini.

Asin is now one of the most coveted actresses for actors, directors and producers. She is now acting in London Dreams with Salman Khan 19 Steps with Kamal Haasan.

Asin has clarified that Asin is her real name given to her by her parents and it is not her screen name. Asin means someone who cannot commit a sin.

Asin has also set her sights on Hollywood too and wants to make it big there as well.

Ash changes 57 costly costumes

No news about Enthiran is coming out as director Shankar is not ready to speak about the movie and the only thing reaching media is gossips. A unit source has come out with news.

The source informed this reporter that 57 expensive costumes specially designed for Aishwarya to be used in Enthiran. The source further adds Ash was so beautiful, when Ash was decorated with the Mexican tribal costume!

Photographers Vs Heroine's Underwear

Off late, the heroines who want to arrive glamorously at the press meets or any film related functions have got a new fear. Apparently, it is the fear of the cameramen and the entertainment channels that are said to be aiming on something that is quite uncomfortable.

It is said that the photographers are said to be placing their cameras in such a way that they can capture the underwears of heroines during the press meets. Later, these pictures are spread out in the internet and while the cameramen make their money, it is the heroines who have a tough time.

Since then, the actresses are said to be in double mind as they know that without glamour there is no recognition or opportunities. But if they want to catch some attention, the cameras around have got their attention between the legs. This is an unusual but concerning thing that needs to be resolved.

New Releases Today: Hot Hot Films

Whenever it is a Friday, the releases of movies is quite normal but then it takes one special Friday when some of the most interesting movies hit the screens and sadly, they will be nothing less than two or more at one go which leaves the audience in confusion as to which one they must go first.

Today, something like that is happening as there are a total of three movies waiting to be released. First in the list is ‘Pista’ with Vishal and Shriya along with their sizzling chemistry. Then there is the highly talented Chandrasekhar Yeleti arriving with his ‘Prayanam’ with an offbeat storyline.

Last but not the least, there is ‘Diary’ which is being deemed as the sequel to ‘Manthra’ but with a real horror element. With so much happening, the heat is on and all are hoping that there will be a hat trick at the box office with the three movies scoring hits. This should be interesting.

Bipasha Basu and MS Dhoni

If he is the role model for millions, she makes people roll with her onscreen role! We are indeed referring to MS Dhoni & Bipasha Basu, the brand ambassadors of Reebok, the pair who have come together for the first time ever in a TV commercial showcasing the latest edition of 'Hexride' footwear from Reebok.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sallu-Kat in splitsville?

Now, we hear Salman has made his stand clear and wants Kat out of his house. Reportedly he has already started packing Kats' stuff to get rid of her memories.

Ileana is a home bird

Ileana chilling out with family and pets The sexy hour glass figure Ileana did not have a film release close to one year after Jalsa. She came up with Ravi Teja in Kick and the film is doing well at the box office. Ileana has put on some weight in the last one year and she now looks even sexier.

She is now naturally flooded with offers. Ileana now has four films in hand and is all set to sign up a few more. Ileana took a break from her busy schedule to spend some time with her family in Goa. Ileana loves to spend time with her parents and her 13 year old sister.

Ileana gifted her mom with a beautiful Persian cat on her 25th wedding anniversary. Ileana loves pets and she now has three dogs and half a dozen cats in her home. She spends all her leisure time with her pets.

Katie Green goes topless for soaking the Turkey sun

Katie Green sure knows to live up to her commitments. The stunner, who is notorious for her flesh-flashing ways, lived up to her earlier promised skin show as she went topless on a beach in Turkey.

The long legged lass had previously stated in an interview that she would strip down to nothing on her Turkey getaway for an all over tan. And one week later, she has done just that.

Katie was snapped writhing on the sand in nothing but her undies, giving the beachgoers a rare visual treat as she flaunted her bust.

Well the sexy Ultimo girl, is certainly a girl of her words.

Simbhu wants Nayan back

Hero Simbhu is still unable to forget Nayanatara. Simbhu had a hot, hot affair with Nayanatara some time back. The two were deeply in love and made no attempt to keep it a secret. Simbhu and Nayanatara acted in a Tamil film and their association turned into romance.

The hot and compromising pictures of Simbu and Nayanatara appeared in the press and also did the rounds on the internet. It shocked Nayanatara and she suspected that they were deliberately leaked by Simbhu to get some cheap publicity for his film.

Nayanatara walked out of Simbhu. It is a long time but Simbhu is unable to forget her. He wants Nayan to come back to him. Nayan has so far rejected all his efforts at reconciliation. Simbhu now has offered Nayan a role in his new film. Nayanatara has seen through his game plan and rejected the offer outright.

Heroine's footie fever

Kareena Kapoor isn’t crazy about clothes or accessories, but the actress does have a shoe fetish. We got to know that Kareena loves buying all kinds of shoes, but of course, the glam gal is very brand conscious. A source close to the actress says, “Kareena is particular about her footwear. Even the slippers that she wears are pretty costly.” And once the actress likes a particular pair of chappals, we hear she doesn’t mind splurging a bit and buying them in all colours possible.

‘It’s a price I pay for being single’

Amrita Rao’s male fans have been left stumped by her new avtaar. In her latest public appearances, she has appeared more stylish than ever before. When she stepped out to vote in Mumbai, for example, looking svelte in red cargo pants and a cropped jacket, she took everyone by surprise. But the actress says that it is not an image makeover but simply a phase. "I’m constantly evolving. I can just say that I’m attuning myself to contemporary fashion, moulding myself to opportunitie,” she says.

’Her fans are definitely not complaining and indeed, the list of her admirers is actually growing. ’Oh yes! I keep a track of all that my fans say about me online. There is one site where a fan from London called Noni uploads everything I say within 5 minutes of my making a appearance. I don’t know how,’ she says. Recalling the best thing a fan ever did for her, she says, "Once a fan did something really sweet for me. He came all the way from Nasik and literally lived outside my house from morning to night. When the security guard and my driver told me about this, I invited him to Film City and he was so happy."

In the Capital to launch the Vaseline Healthy White lotion, she says that her grandparents often get worried by reports of her link-ups in the papers. "They always ask me if there is any truth in the reports and I convince them there isn’t. Maybe it is the price I pay for being single," says the actress who has been linked to Shahid Kapur, Hurman Baweja and Nikhil Dwivedi. "There is a time for every thing, I would rather let the mystery unfold. Love is unplanned," she says.

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