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Kareena in Love Aaj kal

Kareena in 'Love Aaj kal' - Bollywood1

As soon as the news about Saif Ali Khan turning producer became public, it was a foregone conclusion that Kareena Kapoor would be the leading lady. And so when Deepika's name was finalized for 'Love Aaj Kal', it came as a big surprise and became the hot topic of discussion for quite a while.

Now Salman engaged with Mrs. Khanna?

Salman Khan is extremely popular in Bollywood for his whole hearted generosity to even strangers who approach him for help. There have been plenty of instances when Salman has gone out of his way to do things for his industry friends and even his films’ unit members and staff just to bring a smile on their face. Now it seems his good habit has rubbed off on younger brother Sohail as well.

Reveals a source, “Sohail is presently in a great mood since his Main Aur Mrs Khanna starring Salman and Kareena, is finally ready to release. The promos of the film that have been delayed long will go on air soon. But Sohail has his post-production team and editing staff to thank for it as they have finished the editing and other post production chores in double the time.

And Sohail, who was mighty impressed, immediately ordered a set of hi-end Swiss watches from the manufacturer and asked them to be delivered pronto. Sohail also organised a private party for the team of technicians, who worked on the project and personally gave them the watches much to their surprise and excitement.

Aishwarya Abhishek Escaped Death

Mani Rathnam’s ‘Ravana’ crew has moved to Kerala long ago for the shooting and presently the activity is going on in a forest area near Tiruvananthapuram. An elephant was brought there for the purpose of shooting. But abruptly it started some tumult and created disaster. It ran forcefully here and there.

When mahot tried to bring it in control, it killed him by pressing under its feet. That created fears among all and they ran aimlessly. Aish and Abhi also ran in similar way along with Mani Rathnam. Elephant ran behind Aish and Abhi for sometime and changed its direction. Otherwise, the situation would have been worse.

Magadheera Review: It’s Not A Movie But Historical Wonder

Film: Magadheera
Rating: 4/5

Cast: Ram Charan, Kajal, Dev Gil, Srihari, Surya, Sarath Babu, Sunil, Brahmananadam, Hema, Chiranjeevi, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Subbaraya Sharma, Rao Ramesh etc
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Music: Keeravani
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
Fights: Ram Laxman and Peter Heins
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Keeravani and Bhuvanachandra
Released On: 31st July 2009

The much awaited ‘Magadheera’ has arrived. It has created huge expectations by the virtue of its posters, trailers and above all the music. Finally let us see if it has reached those expectations.

Harsha (Ram Charan) is a young man who earns money on bike races and bets. He loves such adventures on two wheelers. He happens to touch the hand of a young girl Indu (Kajal) accidentally and that ‘soul touch’ connects his present to the past.

What’s the past?
That’s 1609 AD when Kalabhaiarava (Ram Charan) was the warrior in Udaigarh who trains the soldiers. The Senadhipathi Randheer (Dev Gil) lusts on Yuvarani Mitravinda (Kajal) but the latter loves Kalabhirava. That results in a huge battle between Randheer and Kalabhairava which puts end for their lives. Sher Khan (Sri Hari), the Muslim invader witnesses the valor and love of Kalabhairava and salutes to him.

They take rebirth as Harsha and Indu. And many characters from the past also come to present with the soul connectivity. But where? What happens to them? How the past life matters for them in present life?

That has to be watched on big screen to experience the marvelous treat along with unleashing those queries.

Ram Charan:

He stood as an icon of macho look. He portrayed the 1609 AD role, Kalabhaiarava, with right bearing and voice modulation. Chiranjeevi’s yester year’s voice echoed in the ears of audiences with that modulation of Ram Charan for that character. His dances are spellbinding, especially in ‘Bangaru Kodi petta..’.

She is the right choice and perfect blend. Her elegance is amazing in queen’s role.

Sri Hari:
His portrayal as Muslim warrior Sher Khan is quite wonderful. He added value to the movie on a whole.

Dev Gill:
This Bollywood villain has shared screen in the main antagonist role. He proved perfect particularly in ‘past birth role’.

Sarath Babu is ok in the role of old king, the father of Yuva Rani Mitravinda.

Rao Ramesh perfectly grooved in the role of Aghora Sadhu with apt gait and voice modulation

Brahmanandam and Hema got wasted

Sunil’s comedy is ok to large extent

Technical departments:
The movie deserves right mention for music, sound effects, graphics, 3D effects, Cinematography and Choreography. What not! Every technical faculty has rightly worked on this film. Director Rajamouli should be appreciated for his guts to bring such a massive film on Telugu screen.

Allu Aravind should be esteemed for his wonderful production values.

Music And Lyrics:
Keeravani and Chandrabose have created wonder with music and lyrics. Every word has aptly grooved into the situation in finest musical form.

Jorse Jorse is like a sheer poetry drawn on a canvass

Naakosom Juttu Peekkunte (written by Keeravani) is hilarious and entertaining

Panchadaara Bomma will be one of lifetime melody hits in Ram Charan’s filmography

Bangaru Kodi petta (penned by Bhuvanachandra) surpassed the older one in choreography

Dheera Dheera is the song that was ever pictured on Indian screen so far

Magadheera…(rolling title song) is innovative and interesting with the dances of Allu Aravind, Keeravani, Rajamouli, Rama Rajamouli, Ali, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Kajal, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Saloni, BA Raju and every technician worked in the movie

Above all the background music stood as backbone for the movie


  • Marvelous art work carried to portray Udaigadh city of 1609AD
  • Battle between Kalabhairava and 100 soldiers of Sher Khan
  • Wonderful picturization of Dheera Dheera song
  • Lord Shiva’s statue that brings hysterical feeling
  • Helicopter and bike stunts of Ram Charan


  • Brahmanandam-Hema comedy
  • Chiranjeevi’s episode
  • Dialogues in first 44 minutes

“This is our movie-our Telugu movie. This is our pride. This is the creation happened with the cognizance of our Telugu director”…would be the feel of every Telugu film lover while watching this film.

Words wouldn’t suffice to explain the experience of technical extravaganza depicted in this film. It’s just spellbinding. The range of Telugu film has gone to a higher plane with this film. The maker Rajamouli and producer Aravind should be appreciated unconditionally. And kudos would go to the technical team that has kept its brilliance to make this movie a wonder.

Keeping the first 44 minutes away the rest of the movie arrests the audiences completely. The first 44 minutes would literally keep the pulse of audiences down and confused. Pale dialogues, insipid scenes between Brahmanandam and Hema, weak portrayal of Chiranjeevi in a senseless scene would let down the audiences.

The real tempo starts as soon as the completion of the song ‘Naakosam nuvvu juttu peekkunte baagundi..’ The momentum develops with the first horse riding scene of Ram Charan chasing a bus. The interval scene hooks the audiences with lot of enthusiasm for sure. And the audiences can never turn their head and blink eye lid from then till climax.

And the audiences come out from theatre with the experience of a rollercoaster ride, with the sound reverberating in hearts, with a heavy hangover of watching a new facet of Telugu cinema.

The film proves to a historical one with respect to patronage of audiences of all classes.

Rating Judgment: The movie scores 4/5 by the virtue of technical values and adventurous attempt. It would have scored bigger if the first 44 minutes were also dealt well with sensible comedy and treatment.

Verdict: It’s good to watch the film as soon as possible.

Deepika House full with Lara and Jiah and more

Unlike other actors, who are reluctant about taking up multi-starrer projects, Deepika Padukone has firm belief in herself and no insecurity about her talent. No wonder then that she has signed ‘House Full’, which also stars sexy sirens like Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan as well as talented actors like Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh.

Directed by Sajid Khan, ‘House Full’ is a laugh-riot throughout. Talking about the film, Deepika said that her role is very meaty and interesting.

"You have to see the kind of script that has been offered to you before making a judgment around whether it is a solo heroine or a multiple heroine film", Deepika said to a news daily from London where she is currently shooting for ‘House Full’.

"There are certain scripts which can`t be complete without number of characters coming together; ‘House Full’ is one of them. Yes, the film is a multi-starrer but frankly, I don`t have a problem working in such films. How does my role fit in the film? Well, of course it had to be meaty enough for me to say yes," Deepika said.

Well, we hope it is meatier than the roles of Lara and Jiah or Deepika may end up repenting about choosing a multi-starrer project.

I want to be a mom, suggest me Hilton

Still on a lookout for a perfect match, Paris Hilton recently told FOX Pop Tarts about her dream of becoming a mother someday.

Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of Paris, Not France, the socialite-actor said, "Of course I want to have a family and be a mom. I want to be like my mom who is amazing and she has four beautiful children so I’d love to have that one day."

The blonde beauty also explained how her party girl image is completely inconsistent with the reality that is her busy and taxing lifestyle. "When I lived in NY, when I was 16, everyone used to think I was just a party girl but there’s a lot of work that goes into it and it is not just about being photographed and going to parties."

She went on to add, "I have to travel the world promoting my brand, I have to be designing. I have to be doing so many things so it’s not just all fun and games.

Genelia as a choreographer

Genelia is another actress who had a successful run in the south as well as north. With lot of success behind her she made a successful debut in Bollywood with a super hit. According to sources, she is acting opposite handsome hunk Shahid Kapur in her next flick.

The movie has been tentatively titled “Yahoo”. Sources indicate that she was supposed to play the role of a choreographer. She was really scared since she had to match the steps of Shahid who is one of the best dancers in the industry.

However reports say that she managed it well in the end and the film as such is said to be based strongly on music and dance backdrop. Way to go Genny!!

Amrita’s curvy way ahead

We spotted Amrita Rao at a resto-bar in South Mumbai, and we don’t know what the fashion gurus have to say, but our verdict is that the gal looked hot.

She’s surely taken her sexy avatar seriously, and we think it will be a ‘curvy’ (pun intended) way ahead for this babe. Well, it was about time, wasn’t it? The gal was quite a head-turner that night. With just a healthy glass of water and healthier veggie sushi in her plate, we don’t know what looked more delectable.

Lol! Don’t worry gal, munch on. With that lean frame of yours, the weight ain’t going anywhere. Not to the bod, at least! Uh, huh.

Namo Venkatesa in Europe

Victory Venkatesh and voluptuous beauty Trisha team’s upcoming Namo Venkatesa, directed by Sreenu Vaitla and produced by Anil Sunkara, Achanta Gopinath and Achanta Ram under the banner of 14 Reels Entertainment, will soon start rolling and will be extensively shot in Europe for 35 days. Launched on June 19 in Hyderabad, the movie is said to be a complete family entertainer.

Venkatesh plays the role of a ventriloquist in this flick. He recently took some professional training in ventriloquism to play the role with conviction.

Gopi Mohan is the man behind the story, script and dialogues. Director Sreenu Vaitla himself will wield the camera. Trisha is pairing up with Venkatesh for second time after the tremendous success of their Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule

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Pachyderm runs riot, Abhi, Aish get stuck during 'Ravan' shoot

Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwary Rai Bachchan failed to return to their hotel just after shooting for their new film "Ravan" on Wednesday evening after an elephant went out of control and killed its mahout.

The incident, which occurred after the shooting around 5 p.m. in Athirapally waterfalls area, blocked the road at nearby Athirapally forest area of Kerala's Thrissur district.

Kunju, the elephant, stood in the middle of the road, thus, obstructing the traffic to move through the road.

As per the latest information "Kunju" had been controlled by chaining it veterinary doctors were on their way from Thrissur to attend the disgruntled elephant, possibly to tranquillise it. .

The killed mahout was Andavan, aged 51.

"Ravan"is being shot in Hindi and Tamil at the thick forests near the waterfalls. Abhishek plays the lead role in the Hindi version while Tamil actor Vikram plays the lead role in regional version, with Aishwarya being the heroine in both versions of the film.

erala's Athirapally waterfalls has been one of the favourite locations for major blockbuster films in south India.

Noted film director Mani Ratnam's "Dil Se" song "Jiya Jale", and the film Guru song "Barso re" were shot at the Athirapally waterfalls.

Located at the entrance to Sholayar ranges, it's a favourite location of film makers. Athirappally Waterfalls is located 78 kms from Kochi (Cochin).

The Athirappally falls join the Chalakkudy river after plummeting down 80 ft. The cool spray that covers a large area near the falls makes Athirapally a scenic location.

Sneha a bikini act soon?

Looks like actress Sneha is all set to experiment with different roles in the industry. The soft spoken actress, who’s famous for her girl next door image in movies like Anandham, Parthiban Kanavu and Pirivom Sandhippom, turned glamorous last year with Pandi, starring Lawrence. She wore revealing clothes and also shook her hips to a sensuous number in the film.

Then, she turned to action with Bhavani IPS, which is still under production. And now, the latest buzz doing the rounds is that, after Nayanthara, Shriya, Anushka and Priyamani, Sneha too will join the bikini brigade.

Sneha, in a recent interview, made some observations about the bikini act. She said that she wasn’t reluctant to don a bikini if the script demanded it, and if it would work out commercially for the film.

Meanwhile, the actress has been on a crash diet and has become pencil thin. This has lent credence to rumours making the rounds that Sneha has done a two piece bikini act for Venkat Prabhu’s Goa, which is being shot in Langkawi beach in Malaysia.

Kaminey as adults only :committee

The certificate awarded to a film by the censor board impacts its collection.Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey has run into trouble with the censors and even after the revising committee saw the film, they refused to give it the U/A certificate that he was hoping for.

The options available to Vishal are that he can to go to the tribunal or seek legal help for his film. Apparently, the film has been given an A certificate due to its heavy dose of violence.

Our source said, “The examining committee saw the film on Tuesday afternoon and thought that the film had too much violence. They suggested major cuts. However, Vishal is not keen on brutally chopping the film and neither does he want an A certificate. So, the film was sent to the revising committee where Sharmila Tagore, the Chairperson, watched it with a panel of members in Delhi yesterday afternoon.

Miranda Kerr goes topless for Caribbean photoshoot

Brit actor Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend Aussie model Miranda Kerr is said to have looked in great shape during a photoshoot in the Caribbean.

Kerr, 26, was spotted wearing a sun hat as she went topless during the shoot, reports a website.

Meanwhile, Bloom, 32, is said to have turned down a part in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film.

The reason he stepped out of the film is because he wanted to spend more time with the Victoria’s Secret babe.

Brahmanandam booked under brothel case?

Comedian Brahmanandam spent tough hours in a police station recently. He was caught in a lodge with girls when police rided the hotel for brothels. Sources said that Brahmi pleaded police for leaving him with out booking a case but police did what ever they are suppose to do.

Brahmi has a guest house and he even rents it for all type of activities. It is not known why did he chosen to go to a hotel instead of using his own guest house for private affairs.

Any how 50 plus years Brahmanandam still going after girls and running into troubles.

Hot Ex Lovers Giving Steamy Pose

They are known as the hottest stars of Bollywood and while one is known for his conventional and domestic lifestyle, the other is known for her glamorous looks and has been ruling the roost with her sex appeal and success at the box office.

We are talking about Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra recently and both were hitting the headlines for their passionate affair. However, that has not lasted long but here they are with a steamy pose from their forthcoming venture ‘Kaminey’.

Though they have split in real life, their heat has been intact on reel life. Fans were hoping that atleast this time Shahid would get lucky with his love but that has not happened. So folks, this is a precious picture as you never know when they would get intimate like this again.

Forgotten Hotties knocking Bolly wood

Raveena Tandon was arguably the "Mast Cheez" among the Bollywood sirens of the 1990s. She made her mark in both commercial and arthouse movies.

Raveena, who made an impressive debut with ’Pathar Ke Phool’ (she got her the "Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut" in 1991), became a superstar in Bollywood with ’Mohra’, in which she and Akshay Kumar danced to the super hit song, "Tu cheez badi he masth masth…".

Raveena peaked during the later half of the 1990s, and won a National Award for the Best Actress in 2001, for her performance in Kalpana Lajmi’s ’Daaman’.

Here are a few pictures of the ravishing Raveena, who is planning a comeback.

Paris Hilton warns young girls against sex tapes

Socialite heiress Paris Hilton has a word of advice for young girls who could give in to pressure from boyfriends and make “humiliating” sex tapes with them: Don’t. The blonde beauty was devastated when X-rated footage of her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced in 2003 and has vowed to stop other girls from agreeing to film themselves engaging in sex acts to please their lovers, reports

“I want young girls to never put themselves in that situation I was in. Don’t ever let someone talk you into doing something you don’t want to do,” she said.

“I was humiliated, embarrassed and in shock that it happened. It wasn’t my fault, it was something that someone did to me, so I’ve just learned to be a strong woman and nothing can hurt me at this point…”

“It was definitely very painful. When you trust someone and love someone - for them to do that to you, it’s really hard. It’s something that bothers me every day,” she added.

The 28-year-old hotel heiress also receives a percentage of profits from that footage, which was eventually released as a DVD entitled “One Night in Paris

Ghosted a true lesbian love story

Filmmaker Monika Treut, who has long explored gay and lesbian themes and also has made a documentary about Taiwan, combines those interests in her latest narrative feature, ‘Ghosted,’ which awkwardly interweaves mystery and supernatural aspects into a lesbian love story.

Few will be interested, other than the veteran filmmaker`s dedicated fan base. The film opens on Friday via First Run Features.

The story, told in confusingly time-hopping fashion, depicts the burgeoning relationship between Sophie (Inga Busch), a Hamburg-based conceptual artist, and Wang Mei-li (Hu Ting-ting), a Taiwanese reporter. The two meet when Sophie opens her latest exhibition, devoted to her late lover, Chen Ai-ling (Huan-ru Ke), who died under mysterious circumstances.

As Mei-Li aggressively pursues Sophie romantically and professionally, a series of flashbacks gradually reveals the details of Sophie`s relationship with Ai-ling, who traveled to Hamburg in order to get information about her vanished father from her restaurateur uncle (Jack Kao).

Magadheera With Jackie Chan's Movie Shades

Ever since the film ‘Magadheera’ has been exciting one and all, many of them have also been coming up with various analysis and what the content of the film is going to be like. Here is another version that is currently making rounds.

Sources reveal that the film is finding a similarity with the Hollywood movie ‘The Myth’ which had the famous Jackie Chan along with the hot and raunchy seductress Mallika Sherawat. The film revolves around a great warrior general and his love for the queen of the kingdom.

While it is not sure how similar they are, some say that it could have taken a lead from the Jackie starrer. However, with the brilliant S S Rajamouli at the helm, there will be a scope for originality and variety say many.

I’m surrounded by ‘Stylish’ men: Deepika Padukone

She hasn’t come across any ill-behaved men in Bollywood yet!!.Deepika Padukone has been on a dream ride and worked with some true gentlemen ever since she stepped into tinsel town. Her first co-star Shahrukh Khan is known for his impeccable manners.

Ranbir Kapoor of course is the most important man in her life, perhaps after her champ dad. And Akshay Kumar has been very caring about her on the sets of House Full in London where Deepika is presently down with malaria. Deepika feels lucky to be surrounded by such gents.

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by gallant men. Whether it’s my dad, Ranbir, Akshay, Shah Rukh Khan or any of my co-stars, I haven’t so far encountered any ill-behaved men,” Deepika is quoted

Interestingly, Deepika omits the mention of Saif Ali Khan, her co-star in this Friday’s release Love Aaj Kal. It’s not that Saif isn’t gallant; just that he stayed mostly to himself on the sets of the film, giving her all the space she needed.

The movie has Saif and Deepika playing a modern day couple in London and San Francisco. Her character is a die-hard romantic, but Saif plays a man who doesn’t realize what his heart wants.

Popular Villain Rajan P Dev Passed Away

Rajan P Dev is the Malayalam actor who got huge popularity with his Telugu films as well. He acted in several films with Pawan Kalyan, Jr NTR and many more and he is better known for Telugu audiences as ‘Gudumba Satti’ for his role in Khushi. He is 58 and breathed his last at Ernakulam this morning (July 29).He was admitted in hospital after vomiting blood and he was diagnosed with sever illness to liver. He is survived with wife Santha, daughter Ashamma and son Jibile Raj. So far he acted in 180 films in all south Indian languages.

He was 58 and is survived by his wife, son and a daughter.

Dev had been admitted to the Lakeshore hospital four days back after he vomitted blood at his residence at Angamally in Ernakulam district, family sources said.

Dev began his career as a stage artiste in the 1970's and won the best actor award twice. He later switched over to films and portrayed villain and character roles with ease. He acted in over 142 Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films.

The last film he acted was 'Pattanathil Bhootham', in which superstar Mammootty is the hero.

I hate those things: Katrina Kaif

Bollywood barbie girl Katrina Kaif has started to show her wings.News is that Katrina hates her comparison to any one in the film industry.

These days she is being compared to Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra who are at the primes of their career.

Katrina said that she has a different working style. Every human is versatile then why is she compared to others. "I’am Katrina and will always remain," Katrina added. Recently she has been getting applause for her marvelous work in her flick ’New York’ and has been in constant ado with Priyanka and Kareena

Trisha's Pub Controversies For Bollywood Fame

The best way to attain publicity is sometimes through controversy, at least that seems to be the formula which is adapted by a few in the film circuit. The age old method that many used was a link up between the heroines and the cricketers for good or bad reasons.

This time, it is none other than Trisha who is currently in the limelight. Apparently, her supposed tussle with cricketer Hemang Badani has been making hot rounds but the pretty girl has condemned the whole issue and also threatened legal action against those responsible for this buzz.

Meanwhile, one can also recall the likes of the long legged beauty Lakshmi Rai who was linked to M S Dhoni sometime back. While the truth part of it is still a mystery, the outcome of this has been huge publicity and given Trisha’s debut into Bollywood, this looks like a way to start.

It’s Wise To Release Adavi In M Fever

Right now, there is a fever of sorts that is currently running among the Telugu audience and the Tollywood folks. It is the ‘M-fever’ otherwise known as the ‘Magadheera’ fever. However, another man has taken the courage to face the onslaught of ‘Magadheera’.

He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his fearless march and this time, he is arriving with his movie ‘Adavi’ on August 7th, barely a week after Charan’s magnum opus. Many are said to be predicting that this is a bad move since the movie will not run well.

On the contrary, the experts say that Ramu is doing the right thing. Due to the ‘Magadheera’ fever it is obvious that getting the tickets would be a tough task so ‘Adavi’ stands as second best option given its genre and also the oomph factor of Priyanka Kothari in it.

Magadheera Movie Duration 3 Hr 20 Min

Magadheera’s Censor is over as reported earlier but the problem as many say is with the length of movie. It lasted for about 3 hr 20 minutes it seems. Earlier there was also a tiff between Allu Aravind and Rajamouli regarding the length of the movie as per a birdie.

It was 3 hr 40 minutes earlier which was questioned by Aravind as it’s too long that tests the patience of audience. He forced Rajamouli to cut it shorter. Although not completely convinced with Aravind, there was no other way for Rajamouli than to cut short the length. Finally it landed at 3 hr 20 minutes. We have to see how this lengthy treat entices audiences.

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Naseer romances Vidya

Naseer romances Vidya - Bollywood5

The chemistry between Naseer and Vidya is crackling and the actress has declared that Naseer is her favourite actor.

Mallika avoids nude shot again?

When we first saw the promos of Mallika Sherawat starrer Hissss, we got the impression that she has indeed given a nude shot in the film. There were sequences seen in the extended promo that showed a nude butt shot of Mallika sliding in the mud and turning into a deadly snake.

We were in fact the first ones to have reported about it back then. While it suggested it was her, we have now found out that it is actually a body double used instead of Mallika.

So what actually happened to this dare bare attitude girl who once shed all her inhibitions on screen? It is learnt that when the shoot for the shot was going to take place, she requested to the film’s director, Jennifer Lynch that she would not be able to do the scene and it would be better to use a body double. Jennifer perhaps understood her predicament and canned the shot with a body double.

But this hasn’t been the first instance when Mallika has chickened out of giving a nude shot. Apparently, she was earlier supposed to do a nude scene in Mahesh Bhatt’s Murder (2004) but when she reached the sets she developed cold feet.

Ajith’s trick to marry Shalini:Shamili

Shalini’s sister Shamilee is back in the film circuit with her Telugu film Oye being released a few weeks ago. The actress says that she plans to continue acting but will also pursue her higher studies. Shamilee says that managing both her passions – acting and studies – is what she had been doing all her life.

Shamilee recalls that when Ajith came to know that she is a die hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan he promised to arrange a meeting with him if she was instrumental in getting him married to her sister. Keeping up his word, Ajith arranged the meeting, the star adds.

Magadheera Review Ram Charan Teja In 'Cuddapah Dargah'

Magadheera is all set to become another powerful hit of all time in Tollywood. This may be expected to beat the all time hit Pokiri in the coming days!

Magadheera is a new Telugu movie which is not yet released in Andhra Theaters. The movie is directed by the director S. S. Rajamouli. Rajamouli is currently one of the most successful directors in the Telugu film industry . He is the son of famous telugu story writer Vijayendra Prasad. You must have already liked the movies made by Rajamouli. His earlier biggest hits are Student No. 1 and Simhadri.

The Movie Details: Magadheera

Movie name : Magadheera (also Magadeera or Maga Dheera referred in some places)
Director : S.S. Rajamouli (most successful Telugu film director)
Lead Actor : Ram Charan Teja (Son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi of Tollywood)
Lead Actress : Kajal Agarwal (Popular and new Actress in Tollywood)
Producer : Allu Arjun (Mama of Hero RamCharanTeja)
Budget : Rs. 35 Crores!!!
Release Date : 31 July 2009 (changed from 22 July)
Audio Release : already happened (night of 28 June 2009)

Features of This Movie

The wonderful thing in his (Rajamouli) movies is the powerful storyline. We can expect the same thing with his upcoming Telugu Movie Magadheera. If you did not know Rajamouli was introduced to the Telugu film directing by already popular director K. Raghavendra Rao.

Another cool thing with this new movie is the actor. The new telugu actor Ram Charan Teja is starring in this film. Ram Charan is the son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. You know that his first film is Chiruta which was already a hit!

Magadheera movie also stars Kajal Agarwal who is a recent Telugu actress that made debut with Lakshmi Kalyanam in 2007.

This is the Highest Budgeted Film Ever in Tollywood!

With the budget estimated over Rs. 35 Crores, the Magadheera movie has become the costliest movie of all time in the Telugu Film Industry. Last time Pokiri has become the biggest hit of all time in Telugu film history grossing more Crores than this budget. Now the expectation is that Magadheera will beat that success. We have to wait and see.

Ram Charan Teja has visited Cuddapah Dargah to perform pujas for the success of Magadheera, that’s releasing on 31st of this month. He made this visit this morning (29th July 2009).

It is known that the dargah is believed to be very powerful that fulfils the desires of many those come there. AR Rehman is the frequent visitor to that place and many Bollywood bigwigs also make their visits on regular basis. Now Ram Charan also joined the league of Cuddapah Dargah visitors.

Let us wish that the rays of that Dargah shower on Magadheera and make it success.

Nicole Kidman’s son Connor ‘has the hots for Miley Cyrus’

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted son Connor has apparently fallen for teen sensation Miley Cyrus.

The 14-year-old, who starred as a young Will Smith in the film Seven Pounds, has fallen for Cyrus after “shadowing her” on the set of her Disney show Hannah Montana.

Connor first met Cyrus after dad, Cruise, took him to one of the Hanna Montana shows in a bid to inspire him to get into acting.

“Tom thought it would be a good experience for him to see how other performers around his age work,” the Courier Mail quoted an insider as telling Star.

“It started as business but Miley was so sweet, Connor couldn’t help having feelings for her!” the insider added.

Michael Jackson up for Nobel Peace Prize?

Fans of pop legend Michael Jackson, including Indian admirers, have launched a massive online campaign to have their idol nominated for the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.

The Thriller hitmaker whose sudden death on June 25 resulted in a global outpouring of sorrow, is the ideal candidate for the prestigious prize, according to his fans who are lobbying for the late pop icon.

The groups which are active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, have thousands of members who have signed a petition which will be sent to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, the deciding body based in Norway.

"He has done a great deal for this world and he deserves this for his contribution to humanity. If not him who else?" wrote Ramaswamy from India, on one of the petition sites.

The petitioners from all around the world are campaigning for Jackson citing the humanitarian work
undertaken by the ’King of Pop’.

"Michael Jackson deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work! I don’t nominate him for his musical work or artist expression but for his compassion for all things living on this earth," wrote Antoinette Albert from California.

The campaigners cite the various charities aided by the singer, who had written the unity anthem We Are The World to raise awareness about the famine stricken countries of Africa during the 80’s.

"It would be nearly impossible to count the multiple hundreds of millions of dollars Michael has donated to charity from his own finances
and also through organising major fund raising events," reads one of the online petitions.

An online group which had earlier campaigned for Jackson’s nomination last year has also emerged. "We are a group of Michael Jackson fans who last year sent a letter to highly ranked people such as Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan and the United Nations," reads their website

As the number of people joining the petition increases, Jackson who died at the age of 50 of a suspected cardiac arrest, could quickly become a front-runner amongst other international names like Chinese activist Hu Jia and Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Quang.

From the world of music U2 front man Bono has also been previously nominated. Former winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include Nelson Mandela, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter.

Marriage will happen when it happens :Kareena

The actress says she will concentrate on her work for the next two years. Will they, won’t they? Tabloids have been guessing at when Saif and Kareena are going to walk down the aisle, but Kareena put all speculation to rest on Monday evening at an event to promote a bridal line of jewellery.

"Jab plan hoga, toh hoga. Abhi toh marraige ka plan nahi hai. Jab hoga tab aap logo ko pata chal jayega. Par filhal toh do saal tak koi plan nahi hai." (It will happen when it happens. Right now there are no plans - at least not for the next two years.")

The choice to endorse a bridal line of jewellery wasn’t really a reflection of Kareena’s state of mind, but it surely said a lot about what the actress might really want to wear on D-day.

"Something like I normally like to wear - more elegant, yet classic. Emeralds or diamonds maybe. Basically something soft," she said.

Too bad, Saif is too busy promoting Love Aaj Kal to take the hint.

Young Hero Teased Nagachaitanya's Heroine

Karthika, the daughter of Radha, is the young sensation of Tollywood now. She could turn the heads of millions of film lovers during Josh audio release. She paired up with Nagachaitanya for Josh. Grapevine says that a young hero tried to get close to Karthika and also teased him apparently in his style.

But Karthika took that serious and complained to Nagarjuna. The big hero called that young hero and reprimanded in soft way and asked him to keep away from her, otherwise future would be spoiled. The young hero stepped back in fear as Nag come into the way.

Well, the young hero has seen big successes with his first two films and third film became an average grosser.

Did Nikhil Chinappa ask for sexual favours?

Controversy’s split wide open on TV show Splitsvilla 2.The show ended almost a month ago, but the allegations are surfacing now. First, eliminated contestants Varun Jhamb and Nalini Negi alleged that “some of the top crew members, including the director, had slept in the same room as top contender Joanna Magee; and others engaged in sexual favours, especially towards the end.”

Now, Swagata G Shah is screaming herself hoarse about an alleged sex scandal. In a tell-all interview to a tabloid, this ex-contestant alleged that the contestants had to give sexual favours to the crew members that included, to the surprise of many, Nikhil Chinappa as well. DT got talking to some of the people embroiled in the controversy.

Siddhartha, winner: We all knew that there’d be only two winners and loads of losers. What was expected of them was that they’d take their defeat graciously. But that that’s where they’ve all up.

Probably, when she was eliminated, she didn’t expect the show to be such a hit. And when she realised that she hadn’t gotten much out of it, this is what she’s resorted to.

Nikhil Chinappa: I don’t want to comment on it. The channel will come out with an official statement soon. After all, it’s about the channel’s image and mine.

Rajiv Laxman (Creative director of the show): I categorically deny these allegations. We have strict rules that prevent the mingling of the crew with the cast.

There’s been a lot of learning from this incident. In our forthcoming season, we’ll make sure that a thorough background check is done on the cast.

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