Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anushka's BF Dad or Son?

The last few days have been seeing a lot of commotion in the Tollywood circuit. While the Bandh factor is one thing, the other focus has been cast on the film ‘Katha Screenplay Appalaraju’.

Apparently, the brochure which is released has sparked off a lot of debates and one among them is of Anushka.

Just like the Wikileaks, the Appalaraju leaks have brought a question whether Anushka boyfriend is Nagarjuna or Nagachaitanya? Since a long time, many were thinking its Nag but now it looks like the real person is Chaitu. The reason is that the text given above the picture of character Babu Garu reads that there are top heroes right from his grand pa’s age. And the costume resembles that of Naga Chaitanya’s Josh. With these aspects the character is understood as Naga Chaitanya, say many.

It is often said that Anushka was part of the yoga class that Chaitu attended and that’s where everything began. Added to this spice is the recent statement which has reportedly come from Anushka that she has been dating someone and he also happens to be from the cine industry. Whether those fingers are pointing towards Naga Chaitanya or someone else has become a mystery question to all.


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