Friday, December 31, 2010

Kabaddi Between Exposing Inners Camera Lens

Lately, a new trend is happening between the photographers and the heroines. This is more like a cat and mouse game especially when the pretty actresses come for film related events. Well, we are talking about the talents of photographers to catch a ‘panty peek’ of the pretty girls.

While some heroines have expressed anguish over that, others cooperate fully and give a generous feast. However, here is one girl who seems to know how to play with the lenses of the photographers. She is the innocent looking Shahzahn Padamsee of ‘Orange’ fame.

Apparently, the doll face came to an event recently dressed in a gorgeous gown giving an ample view of her shapely legs. However, she took care not to expose her inners by keeping her legs crossed most of the time and covering her thighs with a long purse. Meanwhile, the photographers were scrambling on the floors trying to get that much coveted breakthrough but in vain. Looks like Shahzahn enjoyed this game of Kabaddi with them.


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