Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mama Alludu ‘Enjoying’ Same Lady

It appears that the Akkineni family has got a unique blessing when it comes to their leading ladies. There was a time when Sridevi paired up with ANR and later, she also paired up with Nagarjuna. Now, here is another combo that has come up and this time, it is between the ‘Mama Alludu’.

Well, we are talking about Nagarjuna and Sumanth respectively. And the lady in between them is the buxom beauty Priyamani. Incidentally, the dusky beauty was seen with Nag in the latest release ‘Ragada’ and soon, she will be seen with Sumanth in the new movie ‘Raaj’.

Incidentally, this is the second time the ‘Mama- Alludu’ combo is sharing a heroine. Earlier, it was Anushka who paired up with Nag and Sumanth. Now, what many are waiting to see is with whom does Priyamani strike hot screen chemistry  Nag or Sumanth. This should be interesting.


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