Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rai Likes hot exposing saree show Rs 4 Lakhs

She was seen in one Telugu film many years ago and after that she disappeared only to appear in few dubbed movies. She is none other than Lakshmi Rai and it appears that this luscious bombshell is keen on exposing and skin show rather than taking up few fetching offers.

It is heard that recently, a popular Sari showroom folks approached Lakshmi Rai to model for their latest collections. However, Lakshmi reportedly ignored the request and took it light. This response from Lakshmi has not gone down well with many who heard the reaction.

They said that while there is someone willingly coming forward to drape Lakshmi in a Rs 4 lakh sari, the actress is more interested in sexposing and showing her thighs at public event. The talk is that maybe Lakshmi will show interest when she is approached to do a lingerie ad as she likes hot exposing and showing off her private parts to public.


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