Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ramcharan's Anger on Fans

It appears that the bad phase that Chiranjeevi has been going through has now passed onto his son Ramcharan Tej. For starters, his much hyped ‘Orange’ became a massive dud. And now, it is heard that Charan has been going through few embarrassing experiences at public events.

Recently, Charan was present for the Levis event and then he took part in the distribution of clothes at Kokapet. This was followed by his presence at the ‘Vareva’ audio function. Now, the observation is that none of these venues saw any commotion of the mega fans or the Charan fans and everything was deserted.

That way, sources say that Nagachaitanya is better as he commands a following. This is said to have made Charan feel further insecure and it is heard that he was blasting the event organizers as to why they could not bring in the fans. Some are suggesting that perhaps Charan should focus on scoring a hit instead of fuming like this and fans will follow automatically.


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