Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sumanth and Priyamani in Lip Lock

There is always a fine line between peck, kiss, lip kiss and a smooch. The distinction is even clear when it comes to doing something onscreen. Right now, two names are making rounds in the film nagar area and the reason for that is their lip lock sequence in a film.

We are talking about the duo of Sumanth and Priyamani who are pairing up for the new movie ‘Raaj’. Now, inside sources say that both have done a lip lock scene and this is not an ordinary lip kiss sequence. It is heard that it became a total smooch scene which will burn the screens.

So now, it is not sure how much the censor will okay this scene. The unit members reveal that while doing the shooting, even after ‘Cut’ was said by the director V N Aditya, both Sumanth and Priyamani had their lips glued and were lost in each other. Now that’s what we call a proper lip lock sequence folks.


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