Sunday, December 26, 2010

Venky and Nag crying for

Please don’t misunderstand this ‘Quarter’ for ‘Quarter’ bottle? Quarter here means 25th year of filmdom. Yes, Nagarjuna and venkatesh completed 24 years of their journey in film industry as heroes making a mark of their own portraying different shades of characters.

Although everything is fine in these 25 years of journey, latest releases of ‘Nagavalli’ for Venky and ‘Ragada’ for Nagarjuna were served in bitter taste in this sweet and memorable 25th year. Call it the bad shots from director P. Vasu and Veeru Potla who followed ‘Patha Chintakaya’ approach towards their heroes and result is that both the movies aren’t rated that successful at BO. Going by the images of Venky and Nagarjuna, they had enormous potential to churn BO and these two releases aren’t a full meal for their Fans.


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